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This Video Of A Reporter’s Video Was Interrupted By Her Shirtless Father And It’s Hilarious And Relatable

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Coronavirus has successfully managed to bring most of the world down on its knees. We are all locked in our houses trying to avoid being infected but I think now the boredom is starting to get to us all. Trust me, I never thought I would be saying this, but I am so glad I have work to do while sitting at home. If I didn’t, I would’ve really lost my sanity.

Though working from home can get a bit tedious. My father keeps calling out to me do help him with things, my mother keeps coming in with food every hour and by the end of the day, both of them are watching the news on a volume level that has me convinced I am going to be deaf one day. All in all, it is extremely distracting and quite frankly, hella boring.

Which is why I have a newfound appreciation for memes and funny videos right now. I will watch anything from a dog dancing video to Vir Das’ songs on beating coronavirus because let’s face it, we all need more than a few laughs right now. Also, as I said I am very bored.

Just some time ago, I was scrolling through and I came across this video that made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt. The video is about a woman who made the funniest work from home blunder and it is just what we needed to see today.

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The video is about Jessica Lang who is a reporter for the Suncoast News Network in Florida. She was filming her segment in her kitchen about what seems to be a piece on how technology can kill coronavirus. Little did she know this segment would turn into a meme fest which it did after her father, Kevin walks into her frame trying to pull a T-shirt over his head.

When she realised she had caught her father shirtless on camera, she exclaimed, “Dad! Holy crap!”

Jessica later uploaded this video on Twitter with the caption, “Work from home they said, it’ll be fine they said.” It certainly was, more fun for us than her but still. I mean, I am no broadcaster but I could easily see my father doing this.

Ever since she uploaded this hilarious video on Twitter, it has achieved virality. The video has been watched over 7 lakh times.

I really wish more of these work from home blunders make it to social media, they are very fun to watch.

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