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This Video Of A Grandmother Playing Pacheta With Her Granddaughter Has Us Thinking About Old-School Games That We Should Go Back To

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If this lockdown has shown us anything it is that we desperately needed to take a break from the super-fast paced life we were living before. Though I can’t say for sure that I am loving that the universe has pulled the handbrake on our lives so suddenly but one thing is certain, this lockdown has put a lot of things into perspective and straightened out a lot of priorities. For instance, in the world before corona, my entire weekends, like any other 20 something year old, was solely dedicated to my friends. And now, I spend my weekends playing cards with my family, something we haven’t done together since I was a child and surprisingly, it has been something I look forward to every week. I know this lockdown has been extremely hard on us but sometimes, it feels like a break in the rut we were stuck in. 

Let me give you another for instance, when was the last time you saw the kids of your building leave their video game consoles and their social media and step outside to play? I mean, before coronavirus overtook every public space. But this lockdown has forced them to return to classic games like hide n seek and dog in the bone. They are living their childhood the way it’s supposed to be lived because of this lockdown and hey, what better time to detox from social media and return to these games for entertainment? Even we as a family have been going back to games that don’t involve a screen and we love it. 

Speaking of classic games making a comeback, a Twitter user named Raj shared a video clip of a grandmother playing with her granddaughter. The video is extremely adorable, because of which it is going viral. It has garnered nearly 3 lakh views until now.  

In the video, an elderly woman is playing a classic game called Pacheta with 5 stones while her cute little granddaughter sits by and giggles. She is looking at the stones in amazement while her grandmother is performing various tricks with them. 

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The caption of the video reads, “Why kids should spend time with their grandparents too.” It has got all of desi Twitter reminiscing about their own grandparents. It is true, the time you spend with them is invaluable and hopefully, once this pandemic blows over, we will be able to see them more often. 

However, while everyone is gushing over how she and her granddaughter are just so adorable, I can’t help watching the video over and over again to pick up on the game that they are playing. A little walk down memory lane, Pacheta is a very old game that our parents and grandparents would play as kids. Though the kids of today would have zero ideas of what the game is, it’s just extremely fascinating. It wouldn’t hurt to return to playing games like these instead of crushing candies and running through imaginary temples all day. 

This video reminds us that this lockdown is the perfect time to put down our phones, switch off our computers and spend time with family and just being present. Maybe it’s the time to return to games like Pacheta, I know I am going to give it a go for sure. Hopefully, it’s not as complicated as it looks!

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