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This Video Of A Dad Dropping Snarky Comments While His Daughter Plays The Piano Is Every Indian Parent Ever

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Desi parents have their own personal brand of sass. Most of the time they don’t even realise they have roasted their kid—that’s how good they are at this. I am sure we all have heard our moms saying ‘go on, break everything’. And that’s just one example, they keep taking their sarcasm game up a notch with time, and honestly nobody does it better than them.

Take this Indian dad for example who has mastered the art of insulting his daughter and won the internet for his witty and hilarious comments while she plays the piano. Sheena Melwani is media artist in Boston who posted this cute banter between her and her dad.

In the video, the dad is roasting her for being lazy (just like every Indian parent out there) while she improvises the lyrics and plays the piano. When she sings, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything”, her dad replies “What’s new?” and the girl can’t stop laughing. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Watch the video here.

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Twitterati loved the savage commentary and responded with even funnier comments. One Twitter user wrote, “I want a sitcom with this guy immediately.” Another tweeted, “I like how she can’t even say the next verse because she knows how hard he’ll roast it.” “Your dad is the hero we all need right now, and you have the voice of an angel. Thanks for making 2020 a little less terrible!”

Someone wrote, “Her dad is now my favourite person” to which Sheena replied, “You’re now his favourite person, after all the love he’s gotten from Twitter!” Some even resonated with the old-timey jibs that reminded of their own parents. Someone wrote, “Here dad is my mum” while another twitter user joked, “Brown dad – Activated.”

After scrolling through her feed, I realised that it’s a ritual between the dad–daughter duo where the girl often teases the dad with her songs and the dad leaves no stone unturned to take a jibe at her. There were other TikTok videos she makes and in all of them, the dad is a real pro at poking fun at his daughter.

In one video, she makes a prank call to her dad and puts the message from Boston County Jail to which he says, “Take her, take her please. This rascal is troubling me day and night. Take away internet, take away TikTok. Please come get her.” Take a look.


Isn’t this the coolest father-daughter duo you’ve ever seen? We really hope we see this dad in a sitcom or having his own roast channel soon. It would be so funny!

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