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This Video Clip Of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Running His Fingers Through His Hair Is Making Our Ovaries Explode

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Has this lockdown got you feeling low and miserable as well? I think that is the all-prevalent feeling right now. Nothing about this situation can be deemed good. Cases are increasing by 1000s every day and more and more people are losing their lives. Truth be told, things kind of seem bleak right now, don’t they? There is way too much uncertainty around about what caused this pandemic and how we can finally put an end to this. No one knows, not even the most prominent world leaders.

Have you sat to think about what a difficult job they have? I mean, think of PM Modi for a second. He is helming a country of over 100 crore people through some of the worst circumstances in history. Among all the leaders who are doing their best is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau who is doing a wonderful job at keeping his country safe. And even though Canada has over 40,000 reported cases, it is doing much better than its unfortunate neighbour.

The reason I am suddenly talking about PM Trudeau is that a clip of him while he was addressing the nation from his home in Ottawa, Canada on Sunday has gone viral. Now, given the history of clips of world leaders going viral, I can assume what you’re thinking. But I can assure you, this particular clip will make your heart flutter a little. On a side note, is it inappropriate to think the Canadian PM is drop-dead gorgeous?

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Anyway, what happened was that while he was addressing his nation a few of his hair strands fell over his eyes. In that exact moment, he did something that had me swooning- a hair flip. Now, I know a hair flip might not sound like much but when it’s on someone as ruggedly handsome as PM Trudeau, it’s all you need to start gushing like a little girl.

Within hours this video slip began trending online (looks like I am not the only one, yay). But the version that was shared the most was the one that was edited by Jason Hanson.

This version shows the action in slow-motion and also has a dreamy and melodious tune in the background. He posted this video on 19th April on his Facebook page and it already has over 5 million views. Why am I not surprised?

If you are having a particularly bad day, I urge you to watch this video clip for it will lift your spirits in no time.

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