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This Uttarakhand College Principal Has Been Arrested For Sending Obscene Messages To His Girl Students. This Is So Disgusting

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In the 8th grade, my school held a seminar for all the girl students to teach us the difference between ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. I still remember the whole section about what is appropriate behaviour and what are the quintessential danger signals. We were told that the only people we can blindly trust were our family members, teachers and the police. Now, after all these years of practical life experiences, it’s become clear that the only person we can blindly rely on is ourself. 

It’s become practically impossible to recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing. And more often than not, they turn out to be the people you least expect. From policemen to fathers and uncles, in the last few months itself, we have heard of some really creepy and gruesome cases of harassment and misbehaviour.  

Now, joining those ranks is a college principal who has been found guilty of sending obscene images and messages to his girl students. I told you, it’s always the person you least expect. Instead of educating and protecting his students, this principal decided to be a complete creep and harass his students. 

Principal Prem Prakash Tamta of a Uttarakhand degree college has been booked for sending his girl students some very leech-y messages. This came to light after some girl students of that college alleged that the principal would not only send them inappropriate messages but also use obscene language while talking to them on the phone. They said that this was going on for a year but they decided to keep shut because they were afraid. 

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Finally, they went to the police to file a complaint. Dinesh Nath Mahant, station officer, Kaladhungi police station in Nainital said, “We have booked the principal of the degree college on the complaint of a girl. She had handed over a complaint about the principal’s inappropriate behaviour and our probe found the complaint to be genuine.” He further added, “After receiving the complaint, we recorded the statement of the girls and then registered an FIR against the principal.” 

When news agencies tried to contact Tamta, he said that he would send only ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ messages to his girl students. And if any wrong messages have been sent inadvertently, he was ready to apologize and bear his punishment. 

First of all, a principal sending even ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ messages is highly creepy. Also, I don’t think an apology is going to be enough. Not only does he need to be persecuted but also needs to be removed from his post as principal. 

It’s shameful, disgusting and we are glad those students decided to speak up. I don’t understand how men like these think it’s a good idea to harass young girls in such a manner. So, just because he is a man in a power position, he thought he can just do whatever he wants to? What was the outcome he was expecting? I can’t help but wonder how many students he has done this with before these girls decided to report him. It’s a very sad thought. 

He can’t be left off just because he apologised. That is definitely not enough punishment. 

There have to be much stronger laws to prevent things like this.

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