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This UP Politician Is Mighty Upset That The Government Pays For Children’s Education When It’s The Women That Produce Them

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I am not a temperamental person but there are few things that irk me. Someone messing with my morning chai, a rip in my favourite sweater, dog-ears in my books, the list just goes on and on. However, topping all this, the one thing I absolutely can’t and won’t tolerate is misogyny. Unfortunately, though, our country is not only filled with misogynistic men, they also run it. No honestly, our politicians are some of the most narrow-minded and regressive people and they aren’t even making an effort to mask their backward mentality. Recently, an Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA was caught on tape asking a group of women why the government should bear the expenses of their children’s education when it’s them who produce the children in the first place. We really know how to elect them, don’t we? It’s how we end up with the shadiest people running our government.

Now, a lot of times, misogynistic remarks made by politicians are used to further the opposition’s agenda. But we aren’t here to comment on the politics of it all. We are here to call out the utter nonsense spewed by government leaders like BJP MLA Ramesh Diwakar. According to reports, on Sunday, when a group of women approached him for a fee waiver at a private school, he asked them why should the government bear the expenses of their children’s education when it is the women who produce them. Yes, of course, because women are definitely not forced or pressured into bearing children. Ugh.

MLA Ramesh Diwakar was seen telling the women, “Bachchey aap paida karo aur rupiya hum dein (you produce the children, and we give the money).” He further said, “For what are the government schools? No fee is charged there. Paisa humse mangne aati ho, ki wahan sifarish kar do (you come to us for money and recommendation).”

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Remind me again, what’s the procedure for removing disrespectful men like him from office? First of all, I should mention that the standard of education in government schools all over the country is seriously pitiful. Secondly, if these women can’t go to their local leaders for help, why are they even there? Also, by saying that the government is not responsible for children’s education, Ramesh Diwakar has once again put all the responsibilities of child-raising on women all because they gave birth. It’s just like society has been doing for generations. Aren’t we over that? They say it takes a village to raise a child but clearly, not even our government officials want to help the mothers. Nice work!

Reacting to this incident, BJP spokesperson Samir Singh said, “I am not aware of this issue, nor is the state leadership. But no one has the right to speak in an undignified manner to women. The BJP is the party which respects the ‘sarv samaj’. In case of any complaint, the matter will be probed.”

Ah, why does this feel like damage control? A very weak attempt at that. We need politicians that actually respect women, not ones who just say they do and then turn around and make uber-misogynistic statements. Is that so difficult?

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