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This UK Couple Had Been Sailing All This While Totally Unaware Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Until Recently. This Sounds Like A Movie Plot.

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The world is fighting a deadly pandemic after several decades and people have lost simple privileges such as a hug, thanks to social distancing. In fact, thinking about hugging is like stretching your legs beyond your coverlet. Most of us can’t even go out of the house, and if you do you have to stand a couple of metres away. It’s like suddenly the world is under a restraining order. And even though we know we are rather privileged to have a roof on our head, food on our table and an internet connection, it doesn’t mean our mind isn’t hit hard by the lockdown. It’s been getting to the most resilient of us and we are all dying to return to normalcy.

Amidst all this, a couple from Manchester, UK, Elena Manighetti and Ryan Osborne have been completely oblivious to the envelope of COVID-19 the world has been subjected to. You wonder how that is even possible with the overdose of coronavirus news all of us are subjected to. Are they living under a rock? Nope, they were living in the sea all this while and didn’t always have access to the outside world. The couple has been travelling across the Atlantic Ocean the entire last month when COVID-19 was rapidly reaching so many countries.

Elena and Ryan were living their dream – they quit their jobs and bought a boat to sail around the world. They even have a blog called Sailing Kittiwake where they document their water adventures. However, as a rule, they asked their loved ones to not give them any bad news when they are away. And maybe that’s why they had no clue what happened. However, I believe such things are an exception!

So when they tried to dock on an island in mid-March, they were shocked to find out that the Caribbean island had sealed its borders. “In February we’d heard there was a virus in China, but with the limited information we had we figured by the time we got to the Caribbean in 25 days, it would all be over,” Elena told BBC. “When we arrived we realised it wasn’t over and the whole world had been infected,” added Ryan.

They then headed to Grenada where they were finally able to dock after proving they have been in isolation anyway. Elena revealed, “A friend of ours was already in Saint Vincent, which is where we were aiming to head. We managed to get in contact with her 10 hours before we were due to dock.” However, her Italian citizenship could have been a problem. “She told us we were going to be refused entry as I’m an Italian citizen, even though I hadn’t been to Italy in months,” Elena said.

The couple is now in Saint Vincent and is grateful for at least being allowed entry there. Elena said, “We don’t want to leave Saint Vincent for now as nowhere is open. We’re sitting tight for the time being with the aim of getting out before hurricane season starts at the beginning of June.”

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At least, they were enjoying romantic sunsets and sailing in the middle of the ocean all this while. Meanwhile, I have been travelling from Bedroom point to Kitchenville back and forth.

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