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This Twitter User’s 72-Year-Old Mother Told Him She Was Attending A “Sex Party” But The Reality Is Cracking Everyone Up

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The world has really evolved since our parents were in their prime. Now, the world emphasizes on being “woke” and politically correct all the time. And while it is extremely important, it isn’t an easy task for our parents considering they grew up with a whole different set of beliefs than ours. However, there are times when there is nothing funnier than watching your parent tackle technology and social media. 

For example, my mother once asked me what Snapchat and filters were. So, I showed her the infamous dog filter and she seemed to find it pretty enjoyable. However, a moment later she asks me why anyone would want to turn themselves into a dog and I was amused AF but also stumped. Remind me, why were we so obsessed with that dog filter in the first place? 

But it’s not just social media it’s all aspects of millennial life and new trends. At this moment, Twitter is going gaga over this guy’s (he goes by the name of Balm Threat) mom who told him she is going to a “sex party”. Yeah, that is probably the last thing you want to hear coming from your mom, isn’t it? But the actual meaning behind that statement is what is really cracking everyone up. 

Basically, his 72-year-old mother who is a retired kindergarten teacher told him that she was going to attend her first “sex party” but she didn’t know what to bring. Obviously, he was shocked. So he decided to ask her some “delicate questions” to understand what was going on. Upon investigating he realised that she was going to a gender reveal party and not even close to what first popped into all our heads (admit it, we were all thinking it). 

Balm Threat took to Twitter to share this hilarious incident on Twitter. His tweet read, “My 72-year-old mother just informed me she is going to her first “sex party” and doesn’t know what to bring. After some delicate questioning, ‘Gender Reveal, Mom. It’s called a Gender Reveal.” 

In a later tweet, he explained, “Well hearing my Mother, a retired kindergarten teacher, proclaim such a thing – I wanted to ensure that she was going to the appropriate party.” 

This incident caused quite a stir on Twitter. Some people said that she isn’t technically wrong and that this brought them some much-needed laughter. However, a lot of netizens replied with hilarious incidents they have encountered with their parents. 

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Check out some of the funniest stories:

This is beyond hilarious. For the longest time, I thought it was just my parents that asked me questions like these and made these hilarious mistakes. But it’s nice to know that universally, all parents are really in the same boat.

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