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This Twitter User Shared A Picture Of Him Making Chocolate Maggi. Is There An End To This Madness?

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When this lockdown was implemented, my mother and I decided to make the most of this time by doing things we have wanted to do together for very long. The first phase was deep cleaning, the second phase was watching movies and Pakistani dramas and now we are in our third phase which is the inevitable – cooking. 

Every week we plan what dish we want to make over the next weekend. Up until now, we have tried our hand at Thai curry, a chocolate truffle cake, custard pudding, ras malai and some kheer. I should probably mention that before now the only two things I knew how to cook were Maggi and toast (though I am not sure toast counts). I can eat Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But again, who can’t? There is no better feeling than a hot bowl of Maggi, it’s my comfort food. Well, Maggi and anything that is or has chocolate. Cliche’s are cliches for a reason, after all.  

Now the reason that I am giving you all so much insight about my food preferences is because I am very annoyed right now. Before I tell you why, let me just mention that the internet is a very dark place and no matter how careful you are sometimes you come across things that you just can’t unsee. I am talking about these bizarre food combinations that keep popping up on social media out of nowhere. It’s like someone out there is making them go viral so they don’t have to suffer alone. But come on, who on earth eats a boiled egg dipped in chai? It’s revolting, to say the least. 

By now I am sure you might’ve guessed where I am going with this. Yup, there is a new food combination doing the rounds on social media and this one has hit a little too close to home. Brace yourselves. This bizarre food combination is called Chocolate Maggi and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Angry?Repulsed?Feeling Nauseous at the mere thought of this dish? You are not alone my friend. 

A Twitter user named Rahul (it actually works in his favour right now that he has a generic name) posted a picture of an electric kettle that is filled with water, Maggi noodles, what seems to be the Maggi masala (I don’t know if this better or worse) and of course the cherry on the cake- bars of chocolate. I am trying to figure out why he add the masala when he was adding chocolate. But, I am afraid that is not the correct question to ask. What I should be asking is, why is he ruining two of our favourite things? This combination makes ketchup on watermelon seem like a normal person thing to do. 

The Tweet accompanying the picture read, “Once again I will cook CHOCOLATE MAGGIE today”. I don’t know about you, but to me, it doesn’t seem like he is too excited to make this horrendous dish, which makes sense. But again the question arises, why would he try this in the first place? This really does give rise to so many questions. 

Obviously, Twitterati was not too pleased with this guy’s creation. And they expressed their horror in a way they know best- memes!

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Check it out: 

Disclaimer: try at your own risk!

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