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This Transgender Community In Surat Is Delivering Food Kits To Residents Of A Nearby Slum Until The Lockdown Is Over. This Is So Heartening

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As I continue spending my days in what seems like endless loop in my room, putting out my two cents about the one thing that has taken precedence over everything else in the world, the Coronavirus, I realise that despite all the negativity and information that bums us out, there are a few good things. For example, we have seen how utterly self-less and amazing the people in the medical community are. And a whole lot of people who haven’t let society’s stereotypes define them and have stepped out to make a difference.

We say this after coming across one of the most heartening pieces of news, as a group of transgender people in Surat, have shown immense humanity and goodwill by taking it upon themselves to feed children and residents of a nearby slum until the lockdown ends. About 150 persons from the transgender community decided to prepare proper food kits to deliver to the people from the slums and ensure that they don’t have to spend days in hunger or go foraging for food.

The kits include basic and essential food items, enabling people living in the slums tp cook something for themselves and their families. It is said to include items such as rice, flour, oil, tea leaves, and sugar among other things, enough to keep one fed and hopeful in these very grim times. Especially right now when people are advised to stay indoors, and no one wants to make an extra effort for anyone, we have these brave transgender people doing their bit and then some.

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One of the member of the transgender community also spoke on the matter and said, “We had started with 200 kits but now it has gone up to around 1500. We prepare it ourselves for distribution. We used to get together for the celebration of Navratri, but it got cancelled this year due to COVID-19. So we thought of doing this instead.” And if that isn’t the most thoughtful and compassionate gesture to make, then we don’t know what is. More so because when after news about how certain people are spitting on and pelting stones at doctors in Indore have been making rounds, to come across such positive news has only revived our hope in humanity.

For years on end, the community that has been demeaned and misunderstood by the likes of us, has indeed proven that humanity doesn’t have anything to do with gender but everything to do with heart, and as this community strives hard to feed the hungry and poor, we only have more respect for them.

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