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This Team Of Six Policewomen Is Making Sure That People Do Not Flout Lockdown Rules. They Are Truly The Stars

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I can’t stress this enough but every time women do something to break stereotypes it fills me up with sheer joy. It isn’t fair that even today we are treated like weaklings, that is why whenever a woman steps out and does something that is only deemed fit for men, it is a happy day. I mean, even though people still think it, there is nothing a man can do that a woman can’t (except maybe be a penis model).

Having said that, I would just like to add that there are so many women out on the streets at this very moment keeping us safe from the coronavirus. And yes, I am worried for them and for all the men out there as well, but at least this proves that we have evolved from the mindset that men belong on the line of duty and women belong in the kitchen. There are nurses risking their lives and doctors who are weathering the storm for us and policewomen who are selflessly standing at their posts all day every day, just making sure everyone stays safe.

Today, I want to talk about a group of six policewomen whose job it is to prevent people from flouting the lockdown rules, in central Delhi. Now, this caught my attention because these six women are unknowingly crushing gender stereotypes while keeping Delhiites safe.

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They can be seen on the streets of Paharganj making sure that everyone stays at home and is only leaving their houses to buy medicines or groceries. From asking people politely to stay off the streets to using force when needed, these women police constables are really the unsung heroes of this battle.

Since they are patrolling the streets for such long hours, they are taking all the necessary precautions. The only reason that they stay away from their families and doing their duty is so that we are safe. Let’s all cooperate with them and appreciate the wonderful work that they are doing.

More power to them!

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