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This Teacher Wrote A Woman Cop’s Name And Number In A Public Toilet After She Began Avoiding His Calls.

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Over the last few months, I have noticed that a lot of crimes against women that take place occur because the woman did something to harm the man’s ego. It’s shameful how men react when they’re egos have been bruised. Usually, it ends in rape or murder. But the case we are discussing today is more shocking than gruesome. You see, this teacher scribbled the name and phone number of a woman police constable on the walls of public toilets after she started avoiding his calls. Ugh. Disgusting. 

The woman cop was overburdened and inundated with phone calls from men requesting sexual favours after the teacher, identified as Satish CM, wrote her name and number in a public bathroom. This incident took place in Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka. After receiving numerous phone calls from lecherous men looking for sexual favours, the woman cop found out that her phone number was written in a public toilet at Kadur bus stand.

On 15 December, the woman and her husband visited Kadur. They were shocked to find her name and number written in the public washroom purporting it to be digits of a sex worker. Soon, the woman cop identified Satish’s handwriting as they had been classmates. 

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Satish and this woman had been part of a WhatsApp group created by their classmates. After some time, he began calling and texting her regularly. When the woman began dodging advances, Satish removed her from the group. A few months ago, she called to ask him why he removed her from the group. This ended with a heated argument between them and Satish allegedly wanted to defame her. Hence, he wrote her name and number in a public washroom. 

Why couldn’t he just leave it alone? How difficult is it to understand that a woman is not interested? Just because she was ignoring his calls, he got butthurt and set out to “defame her”. This is just so disgusting and what he did was petty AF. And the fact that he is a teacher is even more worrying. 

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