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This Swami Got Offended By Women Doctors Sitting In The Front Rows And Didn’t Deliver His Speech. It’s Hilarious!

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As a woman, I actively seek information about subjects I love. And on the daily, I am exposed to some ridiculous shit.  Some reek of sexism and misogyny and over time, being exposed to this again and again, you tend to become aggressive. Aggressive, not in the way that you actually want to get violent (maybe a little bit), but in the sense of it boiling your blood to the point where your face starts to resemble an angry tomato. But in a very surprising turn of events, today after getting to know what Swami Gyanvatsalya had been upto, my instinct wasn’t to cringe but to laugh. Out loud.

For the uninitiated, Swami Ji here is a motivational speaker from Akshardham, who was recently invited to deliver a speech at an event organised by The Indian Medical Association and All Rajasthan In Service Doctors Association. Much to everyone’s disappointment, the speech could not be delivered. After due investigation and research, the reason for the same has come out.

The reason Guru Ji stormed out and chose not to deliver his much-awaited speech was because, get this, the first three rows of the auditorium were filled with women doctors. Yes, that doesn’t make any sense. That’s not offensive. Oh, but apparently, it is. Because after all, what is more intimidating than a bunch of women sitting in the front rows, right? We wonder why Twitterati did not see it the same way, though…

So, when the female doctors, the scary species, were informed about the ongoings they protested against this ridiculous argument and other (male) doctors backed them up, obviously. We see how the defiance must have gotten to the Swami ji. But even then, out of respect, the women tried to resolve the conflict, got up to seat themselves somewhere in the back, hoping at least now the speech could begin. But no sir, no. Swami Gyanvatsalya, seemingly hadn’t recovered from the torture of looking at so many women all at once, and decided to walk away altogether.

And even though he didn’t deliver the motivational speech he was there for, he did deliver a strong message for everyone. Perhaps all women need to do to make men leave was to be up, front and centre. And to be honest, while we need to be appalled to the idea, it comes across as a nice and easy way to avoid men, like Swami here.

I mean, calling yourself a swami with the intention of moving and motivating people in life, but feeling insulted that you’ve to address women more than men is just plain sad. For him, more than for us. Either the guy has some serious issues (pretty sure he does), or is just plain sexist. But for the greater good, we’d urge women to not catch him off guard like that again, because you know, strong women can be very intimidating.


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