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This School In UP Is Paying Girls Rs 10 For Every Day That They Come To Class. It’s Brilliant And It’s Working

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It’s no secret that in our country education for girls is a luxury and not a priority. Every day, thousands of girls are pulled out of school. Either they get married off or the family has no money so chooses to support their son’s education over their daughters. This is something that happens on a large scale all over our country. However, I am extremely glad today. Why? Because I just found out that a school in UP is paying girls Rs 10 for every class they attend to boost girls education. How cool is that? 

Barring Kerala, our literacy rate is in the dumpster. If you dig further you will notice a huge gap between the literacy rate for boys and girls. Even today people living in the interiors of our country believe that educating daughters is a waste of money. They won’t go and earn or carry on the family name. She will simply be married off at a very young age and bear children. This mentality needs to change. Which is why what this school is doing to encourage families to send their daughters to school needs to be hyped up and made into an example. 

As I mentioned, this school in Anupshahar, Uttar Pradesh, pays girls from poor households Rs 10 every day to encourage them to attend. The Pardada-Pardadi school was founded by Virender Singh. A resident of Anupshahar who lived in America and has now come back to do some good in the Indian society. 

He knew he had to help the girls of Anupshahar when he encountered a 13-year-old girl. She had a bloodstain on her clothes and Virender overheard her aunt tell her mother that now it’s time for her to get married. Wow, it’s really moments like these that make me feel like I have taken a lot of things for granted.  

After this incident, he started a school called ‘Pardada Pardadi Inter College’. Only girls from the lower strata of society were admitted. They were promised free education and free food. Despite there being no charge on anything, parents seemed extremely reluctant to send their daughters. What more could they want? 

It was then the school decided to start paying the girl students Rs 10 for every day they attended school. The students could only collect this money after they have graduated from school. This rule was in place to avoid sneaky parents from using their daughter’s money. The school had earlier encountered parents who stopped sending their daughters to school after they have collected a few thousand rupees. 

This just makes me so happy. To know that there is a school out there that is working towards boosting girls education. But hold on, this gets better. 

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Virendra realised that most of the girls, instead of getting married as their families wished, wanted to study further after school. But of course, a lot of them could not afford higher education. So, the school now gives out loans to the girl’s who want to study further. The best part? All the girls who had taken the loan were able to pay it back once they started working. 

According to Dainik Bhaskar, over 1600 girls across 65 villages in the district were able to pursue higher studies because of this school. That qualified them to work and it might’ve completely changed the course of their life.

If you think about it, this school is responsible for not only increasing the number of girls who study but also women who participate in the workforce. Can you imagine if have more schools in the country that follow what Virendra is doing? We might be able to move forward and see some actually change. 

It’s honestly a brilliant initiative.

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