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This Proud Mother Is Celebrating Her Son Getting Just 60 Percent In His Results And We Love It!

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There are times during a week when I daydream about going back to my childhood days. You know, the simpler times. When nap time was part of the routine, a major part of the day was spent either playing hide and seek with our friends or staying tuned to our favourite cartoon series. When things were all laid down in a neat timetable and we could see our friends everyday at school, without a struggle.

But often, I am also taken back to the harsh realities of this time.  The unrealistic peer pressures and the uber high expectations of scoring nothing less than a 90. Because ultimately, that is what we’ve been taught right? To measure the caliber of an impressionable kid by his grades, by the marks on that one sheet that will define his future. When put like that, it sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? But it’s true.

Except, that is not how all kids are wired, and we know that. As the CBSE results have been rolling out, a mother put up a post on Facebook that has gone viral in the past two days, and for all the right reasons.

This seems like a first of a kind post that deserved much more than shares, it deserves an applause. We need more parents as such who are willing to see beyond the marks on a sheet to assess what the kid feels his calling is, and whether or not it is aligned with what he is doing, personally and academically. Studying and education,  are both important aspects of growing up and must be taken seriously, but they should never be a barometer of whether the child will succeed.

The narrative that should be ‘This is good’ is in fact turned to ‘This isn’t good enough’, and in an attempt to feel validated, children lose themselves and their self worth in the process. It is great to see, at least there are few who understand the gravity of appreciating their child for their efforts and are vocal about it. This post that received several comments and shares in support, is definitely one of the best things we’ve come across in a long time.


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