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This Pregnant Woman Wrote Her Bar Exam While Experiencing Contractions. She Gave Birth And Then Finished Her Exam.

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Every day, after I finish lunch and get back to work I mindlessly scroll through my Instagram and Twitter feeds. It’s become kind of a ritual. Today, however, while I was on Twitter gawking at a picture of Fawad Khan in a tuxedo, my attention was drawn to something very interesting. Apparently, a woman from Illinois, USA, wrote an exam while she was in labour. To say I was taken aback is an understatement. She mixed two of the world’s most uncomfortable situations- giving birth and taking an exam. It’s like being served a really bad cocktail. Anyway, jokes apart I was really inspired by that woman. If I had half her determination, my mother would not be so worried about me all the time. 

According to CNN, Brianna Hill, a graduate of the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, was taking part one of a Bar exam spread over two days when she went into labour. The exam was being conducted online because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

28-year-old Brianna was writing the first part of her exam when she started experiencing contractions. She told CNN that they had to sit in front of the camera the whole time so that the examiners could ensure that the candidates would not cheat. 

Brianna told CNN, “I thought I would only be 28 weeks pregnant when I took the bar. However, due to the pandemic, the test was pushed to October and I was going to be 38 weeks. I joked about taking the test from my hospital bed. Lesson learned!” Little did she know that’s exactly what would end up happening. 

She also said that since she was 38 weeks pregnant she had taken special permission to go to the bathroom but was told that she would get flagged for cheating if she left the camera view. Thanks to her perseverance, Brianna completed the first section of her test. After which she took a break before writing the second section. As soon as she got up from her seat, Brianna realised her water had broken. 

She said, “I took my break, got myself cleaned up, called my husband, midwife, and mom, cried because I was a little panicked, then sat down to take the second part because my midwife told me I had time before I needed to go to the hospital.”  

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Brianna went to the hospital around 5:30 pm and had a beautiful baby boy at around 10:30 pm. However, she still had to complete her Bar exam. The hospital staff reserved a private room for her and put a “do not disturb” sign on the door. Not only did she finish the Bar exam but she also nursed her son between breaks. Oh damn, she really pushed through. 

Her story is going viral and netizens are calling her ‘supermom’. She’s going to be known as the woman who wrote her exam during labour. The bar exam by itself is very difficult. But while experiencing contractions, is an achievement in itself. As I said earlier, Brianna’s determination really inspires me. If a woman writes an exam while giving birth, maybe I can deal with period cramps. She was so focused on her goal that there was nothing that could stop her from finished that test. Not even childbirth. And as a bonus, her son will the coolest birth story ever. 

More power to her!

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