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This One Misogynistic Man On Twitter Is Defending The Practice Of Sati By Saying It’s Not Inherently Evil. FFS, Shut Up

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Okay, I am going to be very honest here. Well, because, let’s face it we are far beyond the point of sugar-coating things. India is a country filled with misogynistic, arrogant and ignorant men who, throughout our rich history have failed to see common sense when it comes to women. Every time one of those men open their mouths my blood boils until the point of evaporation. For instance, the latest example comes to us from a man who thinks the practice of Sati isn’t inherently evil. How moronic and uneducated do you have to be to believe something like this? 

For all those of you who didn’t like history very much in school, Sati is the practice of women jumping into their deceased husband’s funeral pyre. It was abolished by the British in 1829. Probably one of the only good things the British rule did for our country. Now that you’ve had a quick refresher course, answer me this- how is forcing a woman to commit suicide by jumping into a funeral pyre just because she is now a widow, not an evil practice? From where I stand, Sati is one of the most sexist and vile traditions in India’s history. 

Now, most people would agree with me. I mean, you don’t have to be a feminist to see that the entire concept of Sati is, to put it nicely, messed up. However, there is one man, Nithin Sridhar, on Twitter, obviously, who believes that Sati is not evil by design. Tell me something, in all of history, how many men have been asked to jump into their wife’s blazing funeral pyre? Zero. So, why does a man get to tell us that a practice like Sati is not evil? This is not a comment on anyone’s beliefs or religion. It is a comment on how men, in 2020, are still misogynistic assholes. More than being sexist, the practice of Sati was inhumane. 

Anyway, a few days ago, Nithin takes to Twitter to say, “It is one thing to say Sati like all practices and institutions are open for abuse and there could be instances of misuse. However, it is definitely another thing to say that Sati is inherently and by design an evil practice.” 

Whoever this man is, he doesn’t deserve an internet connection and social media platforms need to flag users who are spewing such utter nonsense. I just can’t get over the fact that a man, who clearly knows less than squat about women is openly defending a practice that has killed hundreds of women through history. It’s as if someone said that there were people who misused concentration camps during the Holocaust but that doesn’t mean they weren’t evil by design. Uh, yes they were and so was Sati. 

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These tweets shared by Nithin came to our attention when journalist Vasundhara Sirnate shared screenshots and called this man out on Twitter. In a series of tweets, she schooled him by saying, “I am absolutely outraged that someone could defend an evil murderous and homicidal practice. So I am unhappy to report that I am moved to verbal abuse yet again by the fact that an Indian man opened his mouth yet again on something he experientially knows nothing about -womanhood”.  

Men talking about practices like Sati like they were not as horrible as history made them out to be is yet another branch growing out of the patriarchy tree. The fact of the matter is that they don’t get to decide. Nithin Sridhar is another product of patriarchy and there are hundreds more where he comes from. And until we don’t find a permanent solution to misogyny and ignorance, I guess we just have to fight them one by one, as they come. 

I am thoroughly disgusted by this man and his defence of a practice like Sati. This is problematic on every single level.

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