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This One Ignorant Man Wants Women To Thank Patriarchy For Our Emancipation. Whatever He’s Having, We Want. It’s Good Stuff

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Okay, let’s be honest here because well, there is nothing left to sugarcoat. The way news channels (and by that I mean one news channel) has treated the Sushant Singh Rajput death case is far from ethical. It’s a vicious media trial where judge, jury and executioner were played by one man. This entire ordeal has been a gut-wrenching, manhunt targetted to take down one woman, Rhea Chakraborty, who may or may not have committed the crimes that she is being persecuted in the media for. 

I will not get into the details because frankly, I don’t know them all. I don’t think anyone does. But I will say that this is one of the worst debacles the media has committed. 

The days leading up to Rhea’s arrest by the NCB were particularly horrid. Videos of her being swarmed by people, demanding she answer their questions went viral. There were paparazzi, cameramen and reporters hounding her. Despite heavy police protection, microphones and cameras were thrust in her face, and no one had any respect for her personal space or safety. In fact, it seemed like they have forgotten we are in the middle of a freaking pandemic. It was chaotic, sickening and extremely hard to watch. Guilty or not, nobody should have to go through something like that. It was inhumane. 

However, when she arrived at the NCB office yesterday, Rhea made headlines for a different reason. The T-shirt she chose to wear had the quote, “Roses are red violets are blue, let’s smash patriarchy, me and you.” What a brilliant quote, isn’t it? It quickly went viral on social media and people, including celebrities, started posting it to show their solidarity towards Rhea.  

There are multiple reasons why patriarchy needs to be smashed. A manhunt targetted to bring down a woman who may or may not have committed a crime is just one of them. Rhea’s T-shirt symbolizes a lot more than meets the eye (we did a deep dive, yes we did. On a tshirt no less. You can read about it here) Of course, we understand that emotion of wanting to crush patriarchy the same way it has been crushing and tormenting us since the beginning of time. 

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However, as it always happens when a woman expresses an opinion or talks out against this oppressive system, the men get all butt-hurt. Their fragile little egos can’t take the blow so they begin lashing out at other people, rather immaturely, to prove a point. One such man who is making everyone’s blood boil right now is Abhijit Iyer-Mitra. He is a Defense and Strategic Affairs Expert. Go check out his twitter feed. But be warned, you might exit it feeling extreme levels of anger and frustration. 

Anyway, yesterday, after Rhea’s T-shirt quote about “smashing patriarchy” went viral, Abhijit shared a tweet that has pissed a lot of people off. Including us. Basically, he went on to list the ways in which our society has evolved because of patriarchy. But of course, being a man, he left out all the ways in which it has harmed every single woman to a point where we have to fight for the most basic rights. 

He tweeted, “Well, #Patriarchy gave us civilisation, technology, the state, rule of law, industrialisation, democracy, rights, emancipation of women & everything we take for granted. If you want to “smash” patriarchy, then you’re just a sociologically illiterate moron trying to sound cool.” Look everyone, it’s another man trying to explain to women why patriarchy is a good thing. Seriously, get over yourselves. 

We have achieved all those things despite patriarchy not because of it. And what is talking about “emancipation of women”? How the fuck does a patriarchal system lead to the emancipation of women? I am not sure he understands that term. Seriously, if people can’t help but tweet such utter rubbish they should at least google the terms they use. 

It doesn’t end here. Abhijit went on to tweet, “The #SmashPatriarchy WokePanzees must first give up all benefits of patriarchy: civilisation, electricity, medicine, money etc, & create an isolated pilot-project built on their principles to demonstrate proof of concept. They won’t cuz they know it’s BS & won’t last a day.” 

 At least in that “pilot project”, we won’t have sexism, racism, colourism, violence, rapes, domestic abuse, abuse, you know, the fun things that patriarchy also gave us that have been left out of this conversation.  But unfortunately, we are stuck here listening to bullshit men like him. Also, if all the women leave, how does he expect the men to survive? 

Here’s another idiotic tweet by him. They just keep getting better

Seriously, how ignorant can one man be?

Yes, we want to smash the patriarchal system. And contrary to what this idiot believes, we don’t want to do it because it makes us look cool. Does he realise that it has caused us nothing but harm? The men would’ve seen that if they weren’t too busy being threatened by us. I don’t know why he tweeted this but I do know that there are countless men like him who believe that everything women have achieved, they have achieved because the patriarchy allowed them to do so. Another thing I do know is that these men live in a bubble where the universe revolves around them. They need a serious reality check.

Of course, a lot of people retweeted this with their own views and thankfully most of them called him out and shut him down. But I noticed that every time someone did that, Abhijit would call them names and basically insult them. It’s extremely mature of him. 

Check out some of the reactions he received and his ridiculous comebacks:

What happened with Rhea was extremely sad, unethical and horrifying. But what Abhijit’s takeaway was from this whole mess is even worse. Patriarchy limits women from getting their dues and uplifts men to a position where they can get away after saying such extremely BS things.

This is problematic at every single level.

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