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This New TikTok Challenge Involves Stuffing Ice Cubes Up Your Vagina. Seriously, What Is Happening To The World?

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Just when I think this world of social media can’t get any more absurd, it surprises me. A few years ago, social media enlightened our lives when someone said there was a new “trend” they meant that hats were back in season. Now, a new “trend” means that hundreds of mindless people around the world are eating, walking out of moving cars, and throwing ice water on each other. I mean, I can’t be the only one who thinks this is ridiculous.

Now, if Instagram wasn’t sufficient for these weird antics, we have TikTok. A platform where thousands of users, most of them who look like they haven’t hit puberty yet, make the weirdest most cringy videos -voluntarily. If I am being honest, I too have dabbled in watching TikTok videos but only because some of them are just so funny. But even I draw the line at absurd TikTok challenges for they are all more cringe-worthy than the previous one.

Just last month they were licking toilet seats as part of the corona challenge (yes, I rolled my eyes at that so hard too), and the month before that they were slapping their mothers’ boobs. And if all that wasn’t entertaining enough, the latest challenge of stuffing ice cubes up your vagina will definitely make you want to install or un-install the app, depending on the level of cringe you can handle.

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♬ Ice Ice Baby (as heard in the movie Step Brothers) [Re-Recorded] – Vanilla Ice

Yes, you read that correctly. Women around the globe bored out their wits in this quarantine are stuffing ice cubes in their vaginas for some joy in life and calling it the ice cube challenge. Okay, riddle me this, how bored do you have to be for this to seem like a good idea? Just use fingers like the rest of us, dammit.

Apparently, the reason behind this trend is that some genius somewhere thought that putting ice cubes up a vagina will keep it tight. I don’t understand, how does that happen? Does the ice freeze the vagina so that it feels tighter? But that’s not all, some users have even said that it helps them relieve stress and anxiety during these tough times. To all the TikTok users I would just like to say, find a fucking hobby and stop shoving ice in your vaginas and licking toilet seats.

I hope these geniuses realise that there are side-effects of stuffing ice in what can only be called the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. To begin with, according to gynaecologists, it might mess with the pH levels and causes ice burns on the cervix. Also, I wonder if any of them have considered what happens if you can’t get it out corrects. Do you just wait for the ice to melt in there? *shudders*.

Well, I just saw a few of those delightful video’s and I am scarred for life. Now I am going to show them to you’ll, enjoy! And don’t hate me, please.

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Seriously, we are fighting a deadly virus that has affected millions of people in 167 countries. I am so sure you can find something more worthwhile to do with your time that doesn’t involve shoving things into your body.

Also, thank you for ruining golas for me.

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