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This Mother Of Teenage Boys Taught Them To Carry Sanitary Products For Any Female Friend Who Might Be In Need. Parents, Please Take Notes

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Have you ever wondered why people won’t just accept menstruation for what it is? A naturally-occurring biological phenomenon. Let’s get something straight. No woman would ever choose to get their period. It’s something we have to deal with and it doesn’t help when my grandmother won’t even let me say the word or when the shopkeeper wraps my packet of sanitary napkins tightly in a black plastic bag so no one can see. You know, I would say that menstruation needs to be destigmatized but you already know that. What we really need is boys and men who are sensitized about concept instead ignorant. Actually, we should all take notes from this woman in the USA who has taught her sons to carry sanitary pads in their bags to help out a female friend in need. This woman should give online seminars. How to raise boys the right way 101. 

Tara Ahrens, a mother of two teenage boys, Micah and Elijah, and a 10-year-old girl, taught her sons to always carry period supplies in their backpacks. This is in case any of their female friends ever have an emergency. She hopes to break down the stigmas by normalizing the fact that her sons carry tampons and sanitary pads. 

She wrote on her blog, “Most women and girls will tell you that merely talking about having your period in public is still pretty taboo. But as the mom of a 10 and a half-year-old daughter and two teen sons, I’m hoping to change that.” 

Tara explained to her boys that “bleed throughs happen” and “they are mortifying and can be traumatizing. Kindness and understanding from ANY friend goes a long way. Be that person.” I really wish this is advice all moms give their sons. 

Initially, Micah and Elijah were reluctant. But when they witnessed one of their female friends going through a “bleed-through”, they understood what their mother was talking about. Since then they have been carrying tampons and sanitary pads in their backpacks. 

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In her blog, Tara said, “Micah let all his close female friends know that he always keeps a sweatshirt in his locker and a tampon in his backpack.” He told them, “You know, in case you have an emergency. My mom wanted you to be covered.” Naturally, his female friends were a little embarrassed but eventually, they accepted it. 

Talking about Elijah, Tara said that he told everyone, including his male friends, that he carries tampons and sanitary napkins. While some of his friends mocked him for it, most seemed cool with it. In fact, a lot of his female friends asked him to keep extra supplies for them in his car as well. 

This is honestly the best advice you can give your son. Menstruation is so widely stigmatized because most men in the world are completely ignorant about the concept. Just having an honest conversation about it and explaining to them how perfectly normal it all is, makes a huge difference. So, the next time, instead of hiding your sanitary pads and whispering about your pain, please trying making your sons/brothers/husbands/fathers more sensitive to the topic. It will go a long way. 

The way Tara handled this needs to be normalized!

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