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This Mother-in-Law Welcomed Her Son-In-Law With A 67 Dish, 5 Course Meal. We Want To See This Happen For A Daughter-In-Law

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If there was a competition for the best mehaman nawazi, Indian moms would win it, hands down. I remember going to my naani’s house in summer vacation and being pampered and stuffed with sweets and snacks till I passed out.

However, it was nothing compared to how my dad was treated whenever he came to pick us up. My grandmom would outdo herself and prepare a lavish dinner for him and if that wasn’t enough she would make sure he eats until he flops on the couch, feeling full. Guess that’s just a way for moms to show their love to their son-in-laws.

But here is a mom who took the concept of hospitality to a new level and made headlines for treating her visiting son-in-law with a 5 course Andhra meal of 67 dishes including starters, fruits, drinks, chaat, main course and of course, a lot of dessert. She prepared the whole royal-esque lunch herself with whatever was available at home.

Someone posted a video on twitter of her taking us through the whopping spread with different, scrumptious dishes one by one. She even shows the extensive menu in the end that shows the items she has prepared.

Watch the video here.

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Son-in-laws are truly treated like kings in India and maybe that’s why they are affectionately called Jamai Raja. There’s even a Bengali festival called Jamai Shashti where the day is devoted to pampering the son-in-law. He is welcomed to a grand feast and is blessed by the parents-in-law. Now, in case you are wondering, this wasn’t for the festival, just a regular visit by the son-in-law. Imagine what she’d do for a festival like that!

The video tweet has garnered more than 83k views and 2k likes in just 24 hours. Netizens were amazed and soon responded to the video with love and praises for this super mom. A twitter user wrote, “I wish every man should get such an affable mother-in-law who prepares a whopping 67-item Andhra 5 course meal.” Another wrote, “I’m coming back in my next life as an Indian son-in-law!” “Do you have one more daughter? I will marry her please!” a twitter user joked. Some also mentioned that such treatment is a symbol of patriarchy. Author Aparna Jain commented, “Hope she cooks for her daughter in law this way too.”

Well, to be honest, it is in fact true that while we have seen the jamais getting treated like a raja, the same can’t be said for the bahu ranis. We haven’t seen any daughter-in-law getting such royal treatment by her in-laws which is heartbreaking. We can only hope that all moms of sons too show the same, if not more, affection and love to their daughter-in-laws like this mom has for her son-in-law. He’s a truly lucky guy and we hope he’s carrying some digestive tablets or Eno or something when he visits.

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