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This Mother Bought A Vending Machine So Her Kids Have To Do House Chores To Earn A Treat. Maybe We Should Hide The Remote In There

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This lockdown has proven to be a challenge for all families. The thing is, no matter how tight-knit you are, living together 24/7 is not easy. It will make you want to pull your hair out at any other point also, but a mere conflict right now can make life hell. Just the other day, I made myself breakfast that my mother considered unhealthy. Full disclosure, that was the third day in a row that I was having pancakes. Anyway, we had an argument that escalated and made her question a lot of my life choices and that questioned all that time I had wasted away in front of my computer this entire lockdown.

So, why am I giving you a peek into my amazing lockdown life, you ask? The reason is simple, ask yourself how many times have you had the “stop eating junk food” fight with your mother? I know if my mom will gleefully rain on my junk food paradise parade and replace all my Maggi packets and Jim Jam biscuits with avocados, quinoa and oats. However, much to my mother’s dismay, I am relentless as most of are, when it comes to protecting and pocketing our favourite snacks. Though, I know of a mother who has dealt with this issue in a very interesting way so maybe there is a way for them to win this fight.

Sarah Balsdon, a mother of four children (aged between 9-2 years) based out of England’s Northumberland was tired of stopping her children from constantly snacking on unhealthy food. She came up with the most innovative idea to curb this- buy a vending machine and set it up at home.

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According to reports, the vending machine is stuffed with her children’s favourite snacks. In order for her children to get a snack, they have to complete a house chore or their schoolwork. And if they are very snacky and craving sugar they can have a healthy snack for free. Anything else, they have to earn the money for.

The aim is not only to make them snack on junk food less but also to teach them the importance of money. What a kickass and fun idea. I so want a go at that vending machine. What is the procedure to change a mom?

She posted a picture of her glorious vending machine filled with chocolates and chips on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Let’s see if they can sneak sweets and treats now! So sick of the arguments about unhealthy snacks (esp with lockdown) so I have bought a vending machine! If they want sweets, they can do things (chores, schoolwork etc) to earn money for them. The kids are very excited about this but not as excited as me! @ladbabyofficial we hacked it!!!!”

Come on, we have to hand it to her, she did hack it. Sarah admits that she has been looking for a vending machine for a while now, but they are all very expensive. She found this one for £100 (Rs 9,292) at a Facebook marketplace that was shutting down for the lockdown. Also, to make it fair for the kids, Sarah has put in hers and her husband’s favourite snacks too so they have to pay up if they want to be unhealthy also.

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Okay, I am sorry does anyone see a stark difference here between Indian mothers and mothers all around the world? My mother would not spend Rs 9,000 just to get me to do house chores, she would give me her no-nonsense look and I would do the dishes like my life depends on it. I don’t think those kids fathom just how lucky they are because where I (and I am assuming you’ll too) come from, the reward for finishing one chore is a nod and then another chore. When I say it out loud, it just sounds so much sadder than it is but that doesn’t change the fact that I would much rather have a vending machine (well, who wouldn’t?)

However, while I was going over this story another kickass use for this vending machine struck me. You know how the men of this household are hiding behind patriarchy and pretending this lockdown means they get to watch TV all day and be served by the rest of us? Yeah, what if someone were to install this vending machine and apply Sarah’s same funda on them? I think a packet of gems or two would get my dad to give up the remote and change that light bulb that has been flickering for a month.

What a little brilliant experiment, isn’t it?

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