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This Maths Teacher Is Imparting Knowledge While The Sick Internet Decided To Talk About Her Breasts

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I started taking tuitions while I was still in college. At the time it was to earn a little pocket money. Now, it’s almost 5 years later and I am still at it not for the money but for the sense of satisfaction it gives me. Even if I leave a small but positive impact on my students, I’ll have succeeded. I know it’s cliche to say that teaching is one of the most honourable jobs but I think it’s true. Which is why it stings so much more when people start disrespecting and misbehaving with teachers. Like this maths teacher who is getting objectified while she teaches. 

A few months ago, Hauterfly did a story about how teachers were facing a tough time because people would randomly hack into their online classes and drop lewd and nasty comments. It’s horrifying and sickening. Today though, I wanted to talk about a similar situation that is happening with yet another teacher. 

You see, I was scrolling through Twitter, because I like controversy, and a post caught my attention. It talked about how this teacher, who teaches 9th and 10th grade math via her Youtube channel was being harassed, sexualised and objectified in the comment section of her videos. 

The teacher, whose name I could not find despite intense Google searches, regularly posts math tutorial videos on a Youtube channel called eVidyarthi. In the comment section of her videos, students and random people often leave vile comments calling her ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ or saying things she is thick in the right places. Nope, haven’t made it up. Someone actually left that comment. 

The post I read was shared by a netizen that goes by the name, URVIKKKKK (I am guessing he didn’t get the username he wanted so had to improvise). He had shared screenshots of all the nasty comments and the post read, “This teacher is trying to teach through online platforms, she is working hard for her students and these mfs are objectifying her, this society is literally fucked up by these creeps, even on the social media women are not safe.”  This woman is simply doing her job as a maths teacher and we can’t stop objectifying her. 

It’s no secret that social media is full of creeps and that women often have to suffer the brunt of the fact that they don’t know where to draw the line. Using the anonymity provided by social media they think they can say whatever they want. The comments that were left on this teachers videos are horrifying and vulgar. Why does a woman have to go through that no matter what she does? They have sexualised her and for what? It’s not only messed up but this pathetic behaviour discourages so many other women from being active on social media platforms. 

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Check out some of the reactions on Twitter:

Look, in no way am I saying that teachers can’t be sexy. Yes, they can. But that’s when they choose to put out content that can be deemed as hot or sexy. For instance, in the US a few teachers got fired from the schools where they used to teach because their students discovered their OnlyFans account. But it’s sad that teachers, in general, aren’t allowed to be sexy. Putting out content like that out there is a personal choice and then yes, people can call them hot or sexy. But what happened here was in no way acceptable.

This teacher was simply teaching math. There was no need to call her thick or curvy on a video of her talking about the diameter of a circle. It very sad that people watch a woman teaching math and the thing that pops into their head is to objectify her publicly. Where is the respect? Seriously, the internet really needs a bullshit filter. 

These are the kind of things that need to be talked about on platforms like Twitter and I am glad it’s happening. BS like this is being called out. Maybe now whoever these creeps are will find something else to do with the abundance of free time that they clearly have. 

Let’s stop objectifying and unnecessarily sexualising women, shall we? Especially our teachers because clearly, a lot of people could use some education. 

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