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This Man Who Was Out On Bail Murdered The Father Of The Girl He Sexually Assaulted

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Ever since I can remember, reports of ghastly and violent crimes against women have filled my news feed. Women are getting sexually assaulted, thrashed, duped and blackmailed on a daily basis and that is terrifying. There is no women’s safety and our government seems to have either given up or they just don’t care. Yes, they’ve put multiple initiatives in place but ask yourself this- how many of those are actually functional and even remotely helpful? Beti Bachao, really? However, there are some parts of our country where women have it way worse. In states like UP, they’re treated worse than cattle and so are their families. Recently, a man who was accused of sexual assault killed his victim’s father after a violent altercation. Why isn’t the Yogi Adityanath government taking these incidents seriously?

In 2018, Gaurav Sharma was arrested for sexually assaulting a girl after her father filed an FIR. After serving a short jail sentence, he was let out on bail. On Monday, in a village in Hathras, UP, Gaurav shot the victim’s father after an altercation. The father died on his way to the hospital.

In a detailed social media statement, the Hathras police explained that Gaurav Sharma was let out on bail after a month of being imprisoned. On Monday, his family and the victim’s family got into a violent argument at the local temple. When the father of the victim interviewed, Gaurav shot him in a fit of rage. Don’t you think he shouldn’t have been let out on bail in the first place?

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Hathras Police chief Vineet Jaiswal said in a video statement that was uploaded on Twitter, “The man who died had filed a case against Gaurav Sharma in July 2018 for molestation. The accused went to jail and got bail after a month. Since then, both families were hostile to each other. The wife and aunt of the main accused had gone to a village temple to pray where both daughters of this man were present. The women had an argument. The accused – Gaurav Sharma – and the woman’s father intervened and the argument between the men intensified. After this, Gaurav flew into a rage and called some boys from his family to the scene and shot at the man.”

This incident has left a lot of people enraged. One person, Gaurav’s family member has been arrested. According to reports, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has asked officials to invoke the strict National Security Act against all the people involved in this case. Let’s hope the Hathras police department handles this case a hundred times better than they handled the Hathras rape case that shook the nation.

This is extremely disturbing. First, this man sexually assaults a girl and for some reason is let out on bail. Then he murders the father of the girl he molested. The more I read about Hathras and the state of UP, the more disturbed I get. The sexual assault victim was recorded by some local reporters outside the police station saying, “Please give me justice… please give me justice. First, he molested me and now he has shot my father. He had come to our village. There were six-seven people. My father had no enmity against anyone. His name is Gaurav Sharma.”

This entire ordeal is alarming.

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