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This Man Who Raped And Killed A 3-Year-Old Is Using The Nirbhaya Case Convicts’ Ploys To Delay His Death Sentence. This Is Frustrating

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It takes monsters masquerading as men no time to ruin a woman’s life, to rape her and kill her. It takes them no time to leave several families in unimaginable pain, fighting each day to not just come to terms with the loss but also when they are seeking justice. The entire nation is waiting since what seems like forever, for Nirbhaya case’s convicts to be hung till death. But in what looks like circus right now, the convicts have been exploiting the loopholes in our judicial system to delay their death sentence.

This has been causing even more distress to Nirbhaya’s mother and understandably so. She seems like she is hanging on to the last thread of hope and strength. The fact that these criminals got to live for so many more years after the heinous act they subjected Jyoti Singh to, is shameful to say the least. And now, they are still testing our patience by exploiting their legal options to delay justice.

And now, another rape convict is going down the same road. Anil Surendra Yadav, who is in his early 20s, had raped and killed a three-year-old girl in Gujarat. Her body was discovered in a plastic bag in a locked building nearby. He was not a stranger but known to the family since he lived in the same building as them. After committing this crime, he fled to Bihar but was nabbed by the police.

On the basis of testimony from 38 people and medical evidence, Yadav got convicted and was given death penalty by the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Special court in Surat and the decision was upheld by the Gujarat high court. The hanging was supposed to take place on 29th February but now the Supreme Court has put that on hold because of the same loopholes, that are being exploited by the Nirbhaya convicts. He challenged the death sentence by Surat court saying that it is not valid since he has not exhausted all his legal remedies.

Aparajitha Singh, senior advocate representing Yadav argued that legally, he has to be given 60 days to file his appeal in the apex court and a death warrant can’t be passed before that. In this case, it was given in 33 days.

This, while we are still waiting for the Nirbhaya case convicts to exhaust all their legal remedies, so we can finally rest knowing that they got what the death sentence they deserve. The Supreme Court had agreed to consider the centre’s petition to limit the time period to seven days, in which the convict is allowed to use their legal options.

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With the current loopholes in our judicial system, the criminals are playing with law and buying out time. Each extra day they are still alive is another day of suffering for the victim’s family. We need justice and we need justice fast! We hope with another convict following the same path, the SC will be motivated to fix it.

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