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This Man Refused To Accept His Wife After She Was Raped And Impregnated By Her Maternal Uncle. This Is So Sickening

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Doing what I do, I hear of a lot of horrifying and gruesome stories about rapes and sexual assaults on the daily. While some of those incidents make me want to curl up under my desk and cry, others just make my blood boil. Although, I do believe that I captured the sentiment of every woman reading about the ill fated tragedies falling upon another woman, just right. We have had multiple conversations about women’s safety in our country and the increasing number of rapes, domestic violence cases etc. But it hasn’t changed the fact that everyday day, there are women in our country who are getting either raped, beaten up or both. 

When the coronavirus-induced lockdown was put in place, I remember thinking that maybe now since people are forced to stay at home, violence against women will slightly decrease. I was naïve and extremely wrong. Crime numbers are up and it seems women are not even safe in their homes. Which we deduced after coming across some really horrifying incidents. 

Yes, there has been another case that confirmed our hypothesis while shaking our faith in humanity. You see, recently, a man hailing from Bihar refused to accept his wife after she had allegedly been raped and impregnated by her maternal uncle. Yeah, my blood is boiling too. However, that is not all.

According to reports, the victim is a 20-year-old girl who lost her parents and lived with her maternal grandfather. Although, he got the girl married to a man from the Purnea district, she was living with her grandfather and uncle for a few months in Kaithar district. 

On Tuesday, the girl filed a complaint in the Falka police station against her maternal uncle for raping and impregnating her. Over several months. The police said that the girl is eight months pregnant. In the FIR, she claimed that her uncle raped her for several months and threatened to murder her if she told anyone about it. In her complaint, the girl has also named four other family members including her maternal grandfather alleging that her grandfather thrashed her and kicked her out of the house. 

After being kicked out of the house, the girl went back to her husband’s house who then refused to accept her. He told her to go and live with the person whose baby she was carrying. Because to hell with compassion and empathy for your own wife, after she’d been violated by someone else.

The Falka Police shared, “The victim said that after she was kicked out of her maternal uncle’s home, she went to her husband. However, he refused to accept her and told her to stay with the one whose child she is carrying in her womb.” 

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The SHO of the Falka police station said that a meeting had taken place a few days before the victim filed the complaint. In the meeting, the maternal uncle promised to pay her Rs 2 lakh in 10 days if she doesn’t take this matter to the police. Later he turned on his words and refused to pay the money saying that he will fight the case. 

However, here comes one last twist. The SHO said, “Her maternal grandfather urged police not to register a case saying Rs 2 lakh had been already paid to the victim’s husband.” True or not, even the idea of such a negotiation made on the expense of a woman, is enough to make you cringe.

From what I can tell, there are three men who are playing with the life of this young girl and her unborn child, none of whom even remotely considerate of ruining the woman’s life. This is so disgusting. How can an uncle do that to his own niece? All three of them- the uncle who raped her, the grandfather to beat her and the husband who won’t accept her need to be prosecuted by the law. 

We are headed down a dangerous path. The rape culture is now so deep-rooted in this patriarchal system that a woman can never feel fully safe anywhere. Clearly, not even in her own house.

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