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This Man Murdered His Wife, Stuffed Her Body Under The Bed And Then Slept On The Same Bed For 2 Days. What Even?

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There have been many conversations about how the world has changed in the last few months. Everyone is worried about what the “new normal” is going to look like. But, everyone’s failed to see that things that are supposed to change have not but in fact, are getting worse. Gender-based crimes and prejudices, for instance. I know that at some point or another, all women have to bear the brunt of being born with a uterus but after learning about some of the gruesome rapes and brutal murders, I am convinced that our humanity, just like our immune systems, is getting destroyed bit by bit. 

In yet another shocking case, a man murdered his wife and stuffed her body in an under-the-bed storage box. If that wasn’t enough, he slept over that box for 2 days before anyone found out. The man was arrested on Monday in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. 

The victim was identified as 32-year-old Arti Ahirwar. After her body was recovered on Monday, her husband, Sher Singh Ahirwar was arrested for her murder. 

Satish Singh, the police station in-charge said, “Some neighbours of Sher Singh Ahirwar informed the police that he had borrowed axe from his neighbourhood and was talking of some murder in an intoxicated state. When a police team reached his house in the early hours of Monday there was a foul smell coming from his house and the body of his wife was recovered from a wooden box used for storage beneath the bed over which the accused slept.” 

Upon investigating, the police learned that the accused had a drinking problem and would get extremely violent with his wife. Which is not really surprising considering he borrowed an axe from her neighbours and spoke about murdering his wife while being inebriated. This is scary. 

Due to the domestic violence she endured, the police said that Arti and her 10-year-old son went to live with her parents. Though on Friday, she returned home leaving her son at her parent’s house. 

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A police officer said, “The accused confessed to have committed the crime two days back. He strangled his wife to death over some domestic feud.” 

This is the brutal reality that hundreds of women are subjected to. Her husband murdered her in a fit of rage and then not only did he inhumanly stuff her body under the bed, but he also slept on that bed for 2 days. This is so disturbing. 

It’s increasingly shameful and infuriating how often we are hearing about cases like this one. Domestic violence is not to be taken lightly. Men have this sense of entitlement over women. They seem to believe that they can control our actions and our bodies. And marriage means we will just have to endure it all and be the silent punching bag. Though unfortunately, that was the case for too long. 

This has been going on for years and though I don’t see an immediate solution, maybe if we stopped enabling our men and boys, in the long-term we wouldn’t have as many women being murdered as we do right now. 

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