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This Man Locked Up His Wife In A Small Toilet For Over A Year. Why Are Women Treated Worse Than Animals?

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I want to talk about the atrocities against women but what’s the point. We want to say women are treated worse than animals but again, what’s the point. Listen to this recent case where a 35-year-old Haryana woman, who was locked in tiny washroom by her husband for well over a year.

News has come in that in Haryana, a husband was caught keeping his wife captive in a small washroom for a year, forcing her to live in subhuman conditions. This entire incident took place in the Rishpur village of Panipat district and the victim is a mother of three children. She was rescued by a team of district women and child welfare department officials on Wednesday.

After receiving information on how a woman was being held against her will and locked up in a stinky tiny washroom for more than a year, the team reached the place to evacuate the mother of three, took her to the hospital and then handed her over to her cousin.

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The district women protection officer Rajni Gupta shared how the Haryana woman was found lying on the floor, frail and in a miserable condition. Having spent one and a half year in a small toilet, treated like a prisoner, the woman was subject to such inhumanity, it’s appalling. Rajni said, “She was so weak that she could not even walk; she ate 8 chapattis, when we gave her food.” We can only imagine how under fed she was and the brutal conditions she has had to endure is making our blood boil.

The husband of the woman has been identified as Naresh Kumar, to whom the victim had been married to for the last 17 years claimed that he had subjected his wife to such atrocities because she was seemingly mentally unstable. However, the victim seemed of sound mind as she answered all the questions by the department rightly and correctly remembered her family members.

We hope strict action is taken against the guy who thought he was above the law and that humanity need not be extended to his own wife. This is so worrying.

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