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This Man Installed A Life-Like Statue Of His Deceased Wife In His New Bungalow So She Could Be A Part Of The Housewarming Celebrations. It’s Heartwarming But Also Weird.

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What is your worst nightmare? Is it having a creepy-crawly walking up your leg? Or getting caught doing something wrong by your parents? Or getting married? My worst nightmare is losing someone extremely close to me. Like my family, partner or even a friend. I often think about how death is the biggest irony of life and that’s what makes it so scary. Yes, I have dark thoughts sometimes but hey, who doesn’t? 

Anyway, having said that, there will come a time when you will be faced with a decision on how to honour the memories and celebrate the life that someone very close to you had led. Most Indian families put up a cheerful picture of the person on a wall with a fresh garland around it. It’s like a small memorial for the house. Although there are people who take this tradition a step (maybe ten steps) further to ensure that their deceased loved one is always with them. 

For instance, this man from Karnataka who lost his wife in a car accident a few years ago. He ensured she always stays with him by building a life-sized statue of hers and placing it on the sofa of his newly bought bungalow. Having a bungalow was always the wife’s dream, so her husband ensured she was part of the housewarming festivities. This is just so heartwarming. 

57-year-old Srinivas Murthy’s wife, MVK Madhvi died a few years ago in a terrible car crash while travelling to Tirupathi with their two daughters. The car met with a fatal accident and she died on the spot while her two daughters only suffered minor injuries. 

It was only after her death that Srinivas decided to fulfil her wish and buy a bungalow. He, reportedly, went to multiple architects but no one could come up with a viable and creative solution. He only came up with this plan after meeting with architect Mahesh Rangannadavaru who suggested Srinivas install a life-sized statue of his wife in the living room. 

The architect then got Srinivas to get in touch with Gombe Mane who are popular toy makers in Bengaluru. Srinivas said, “Mahesh told me that Gombe Mane had also done some work for Tontadarya Mutt in Gadag. I don’t regret it at all. This is the kind of gesture I was looking for. I placed the order about a year ago. I gave them several pictures of my wife. She looks so real.” 

She really does look uncannily real, it’s weirdly nice. Whoever made this silicon statue did a fabulous job. Madhvi sat on the sofa of her new house decked in a pink saree and gold jewellery greeting all the guests with a smile. It’s almost like she was actually there to join in the celebrations, just like her husband wanted.

Srinivas added, “Everyone was so surprised. They all believed for a few seconds that it could actually be my wife. It was my wife’s dream to construct a bungalow. Now she is not there to live in it. The statue is a way to reinforce that she is still here.” 

This whole thing is so heartwarming. But at the same time, it’s also slightly eerie, don’t you think? 

After photos of this went viral, netizens were taken aback and touched at the same time. 

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Check out their reactions: 

Do you think it’s heartwarming or creepy? I think it’s a little of both.

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