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This Man In Delhi Shot A Woman Because She Refused To Marry Him. He’s Already Married And Has Two Children

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Let’s be honest, it’s no fun being rejected. We’ve all been there. It not only hurts in your heart and bones (not literally, but you know the feeling) but also your ego takes a massive blow. And while women, for the most part, have learned to deal we definitely can’t say that about men. You see, the male species sit on a high horse and they are conditioned to believe that they’re entitled to everything they lay their eyes on. So when a woman rebuffs them, they react the only way they know how- with violence. They don’t realise that they need to leave the woman the fuck alone. I am saying this after a man in Delhi shot a woman who refused to marry him. Should ‘How to deal with rejection 101’ be included in school curricula? I think so. 

The accused, identified as 23-year-old Karan, is a resident of Haryana’s Sonipat. Despite being married with two children, he shot a woman, Parveen, when she refused to marry him. The woman was injured in her stomach and is now undergoing treatment. It’s so terrifying and sickening at the same time. 

A police officer said, “On Friday, police received information that a woman has been shot at by a man she had refused to marry.” Karan and the victim met on TikTok (ugh, why am I not surprised?) about 10 months ago. He failed to inform Parveen that he was married and had children. When she found out merely three months ago, the woman began ignoring him. And of course, that shattered his fragile male ego. 

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Police said that Karan did not the victim to marry anyone else and hence, he made a plan to “eliminate her”. Because that is the better and easier option than just leaving her the fuck alone and respecting her wishes. Very quickly the narrative shifted from jilted lover to obsessive freak. It’s a story women are sadly all too familiar with. This is a textbook case. And now we need to throw that textbook away. 

For too long, men have lived with a sense of entitlement. They’ve never been taught about consent or the fact that there is another, calmer and sensible, way to deal with rejection. They need to learn that women can make their own choices too. One small jerk to their egos and it all comes down to violence. This mentality of ‘if I can’t have her, no one can’ has done more than its share of damage to countless women. It’s what led Karan to attack this woman despite having a family of his own. What is worrying about this is that no amount of awareness or dialogue seems to be getting through. 

We need to teach boys and men that women are free to make their own choices.

This Man Murdered This Woman Because She Refused To Have An Illicit Affair With Him. Why Can’t Men Handle Rejection?


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