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This Man Hired Two Fake Corona Health Workers To Poison His Wife’s Alleged Lover. People Are Getting Innovative With Crime

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I have never understood how some people harbour so much hatred within themselves that they are okay to just murder someone else and for petty reasons (not that any reason justifies murder, but you get what I am saying). But the best part is the lengths that these people go to, to cover their tracks just to be arrested anyway. Honestly, where do people come up with such creative methods to murder someone? Also, where the hell do you find people who are willing to do the dirty work for you? Just some food for thought (not action).

Anyway, I think I might’ve watched one too many episodes of Crime Patrol with my mother. However, today I came across a rather interesting story wherein a man has used this ongoing pandemic as a means to try and murder his wife’s alleged lover. Oh yeah, this is a true story not the plot of a new post-pandemic movie. Though it would make a kick-ass crime show episode.

So, 42-year-old Pradeep from New Delhi suspected his wife of having an extra-marital affair with a home guard. Naturally, he started thinking of ways to do away with this man because a simple divorce is not enough. Coronavirus gave him the perfect set up for this murder and he used it to the fullest.

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To put the plan in action, he hired two women who posed as health workers and had them visit the home guard’s house on Sunday. The women gave the man and three of his family members a bottle filled with poison to drink and told them it was a medicine to prevent coronavirus.

Obviously, the family drank it no questions asked and were rushed to Raja Harishchandra Hospital where they are currently being treated.

The police have used CCTV cameras to identify the two women. After questioning them the women revealed who the mastermind behind this crime was. All three of them have been booked for attempt to murder and have been arrested.

Gaurav Sharma, the deputy commissioner of police (outer-north district) said, “He wanted revenge. So, he hired two women from another village to kill the home guard. He asked them to pose as health workers and poison him on the pretext of offering him medicine.”

I don’t know how Pradeep thought he was going to poison four people and get away with it, it’s not exactly an everyday occurrence. It really amazes me sometimes that people are so innovative while doing all these stupid things. Using the pandemic to murder is stooping very low.


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