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This Little Hero Sold Cupcakes To Raise Funds For The Mumbai Police Foundation To Celebrate Their Work During The Pandemic

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The past few months have been chaotic. But they’ve also been eye-opening for a lot of us. We’ve seen heroes emerge out of common people in the form of extraordinary acts. We’ve seen selfless individuals do their duty against all odds. While the whole world battles the coronavirus together, there are those amongst us who have proved that there is still some humanity, and some goodness left in this world. And we know all too well that we’ve had to question that notion time and again. It is these individuals that inspire us to do better ourselves, and to at least be kinder to one another if not anything else.

And these heroes come in all shapes and forms. Three-year-old Kabeer has made a priceless contribution to the Mumbai Police foundation in a sweet and unique way. Almost everyone has started baking while sitting at home with nothing to do. But this little baker has put his skills to good use and decided to help out the selfless officers of the Mumbai Police. Kabeer made cupcakes and sold them to raise funds for the charity. Although his initial target was to raise Rs 10,000, he has managed to collect a whopping Rs. 50,000. He handed over a cheque for the same to Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh. But that’s not all – in addition to the contribution, Kabeer also gave the officials a box full of desserts.

A video praising the little baker for his effort was posted on the official Mumbai Police Instagram handle. “This three year old is sweeter than his sweet tooth. And he has turned out to be quite an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist,” the text in the video said. “He sold these cupcakes for charity to raise funds for Mumbai Police Foundation.” The video showed adorable pictures of Kabeer baking his cupcakes and giving the cheque of Rs 50,000 to the police commissioner along with his parents, Karishma and Keshav. “May you continue to pat-a-cake of goodness always, little baker man!”

Kabeer’s act of kindness has melted all our hearts and made us grateful to have people like him amongst us. We’re incredibly inspired by his sweet gesture. The future of our country looks bright!

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