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This Lady Commissioner In Andhra Pradesh Resumed Work Just 22 Days After Childbirth To Fight The Coronavirus Crisis In India. She’s Such An Inspiration

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It is only in times of crisis that you see the true character of people. As long as things are convenient, it’s easy for most people to be their best versions and I wouldn’t deny that some people fail to do even that. However, when there’s so much at stake, how many of us have the bravado to still step up? Today, the world is plagued by a deadly disease that we had no idea how to deal with. Yet here we are, each person doing their bit to save lives. The medical experts sprang into action, identified the unknown virus and are treating it with a good success rate considering the novelty of COVID-19. Public services employees and authorities too are managing the crisis like heroes.

In fact, women have been at the forefront of this battle against coronavirus, exhibiting their resilience and strength for the world to bow down to. G Srijana, an IAS officer who works as the Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), got back to work within just 22 days of giving birth to her child.

Srijana is truly a woman of strength considering the many changes a woman’s body goes through post-delivery. From recovering physically to tackling post-natal psychological effects, there’s a lot that goes on and 22 days aren’t enough.

She revealed that it is her sense of duty that made her resume work so soon. “There is no particular reason for which I returned but these are extraordinary circumstances that we are living in. It is like a call of duty for me. As a human being, it is my response to be of some help to the administration. I felt that this is the time we should all stand together and be of strength to each other,” Srijana said.

Srijana is now trying to balance her duties as a mother and as commissioner and is thankful to her family for supporting her and helping her out. Srijana expressed, “It was a personal choice, nobody forced me to come back and join the duty but I did so after consulting my husband and family. I thank them for supporting my decision and taking care of the baby while I am in the office. I had never thought I would be cutting short my leave to rejoin duty instead of being with my child. But these are difficult circumstances and I thought if my presence can help even one person it would be worth it.”

Imagine if her family was misogynistic like so many other fams in India, she wouldn’t have been able to pull this off. “My role is just a small part in this humongous effort, rather modestly. My whole family gave me the strength to work towards this commitment,” Srijana told Hindustan Times.

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As of 12th April, Andhra Pradesh had 417 confirmed cases of coronavirus while India is on a count of 9,152 positive cases of the same. The world has 18,50,220 positive cases of COVID-19 so far.

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