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This Kerala-Based Company Is Releasing Chyawanprash Ice Cream. What Has The World Come To?

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What is the one food item everyone loves? Well, everyone except Ross from FRIENDS. Hint: It comes in a variety of flavours and your favourite one is a deal-breaker in most relationships. Yep, I am talking about ice cream. I have always believed that it is the best thing that happened to mankind. Actually, maybe after the invention of fire and the wheel. 

Now, what would you do if I told you that there was a new addition to the list of freak food combinations? Obviously, it involves ice cream though I am very capable of randomly talking about it. But the thing ice cream has been paired with will make you lose your appetite.  

After Chocolate Maggi, Oreo Bhajiya and dipping a boiled egg in chai, here’s presenting *drumroll please* Chyawanprash ice cream. Did your soul let out a little sign of disgust? Mine did when I first read about it. You see, the makers of this disgusting ice cream are doing with it exactly what our moms did when they added cheese on the broccoli to make us eat it. It’s the same strategy, make a horrible but healthy thing (in this case, Chyawanprash) interesting by adding one factor loved by all (ice cream). But here’s the news flash- it didn’t work with the broccoli and it definitely is not going to work with the Chyawanprash. 

Though I warn you that this is not an internet fad like all the other we have spoken about. This is a legit ice cream flavour being manufactured and sold by a legit company. This is not some stoned Twitter user who has run of munchies so is making their own (come on, why would someone eat watermelon and ketchup?) 

A Kerala-based company, Dairy Day, has come up with this genius idea. Oh, and it gets better their range of disgusting ice creams includes a Haldi flavoured ice cream as well and that contains pepper. Yes, pepper is one of the ingredients in ice cream, what has the world come to?! I don’t think this company likes their ice cream line very much. I mean, why else would they make ice creams that no one would eat even out of curiosity? 

Dairy Day PLUS

Ice cream and healthy? We made it possible. Presenting, first time in India, Dairy Day PLUS ice creams with immunity-boosting Chyawanprash and Haldi. Pamper your kids, family, and friends with sweet and strong delights. #Health is the new #cool.#Immunity #COVID-19 #Coronavirus

Dairy Day Ice Cream यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, १८ जून, २०२०

They made a video announcing the new ice cream flavours and shared it on Facebook. According to the video, this ice cream range is supposed to be immunity boosting. Can you imagine if the cure to this pandemic is just to eat a lot of ice cream? That would be so cool (quite literally). 

Needless to say, Twitter did not react well which made it super amusing for us. Check it out:

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Just out of curiosity, aren’t ice creams supposed to pass a taste test before they are released? Did they rig this one?

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