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This Iranian Woman Recreated The Dance Sequence From Sholay. This Is Proof That Bollywood Is Big In Other Parts Of The World

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One of the most iconic movies in the history of Bollywood, standing the test of time, and still throwing up meme material, dialogues that always invite a chuckle and more, is the famous Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan starring Sholay. From the iconic friendship of Jai and Veeru riding on a scooter, to Gabbar’s pertinent question, “Holi kab hai“, the movie is full of moments that have found a permanent place in history. And one such moment was when Basanti, played by Hema Malini, was forced to dance in front of Gabbar and his men. A scene that was recently recreated by an Iranian woman recently.

Having gone viral already, this video shows an Iranian woman with a bunch of friends, trying to recreate the scene from the hit movie Sholay, where Gabbar and his goons force Basanti to dance for them on gun-point on the song, ‘jab tak hai jaan‘, in order to save the lives of Jai and Veeru.

Performed with utmost precision, and paying special attention to details, especially as the men around the room stand with toy guns in their hands, the entire crew gets A for effort. The woman enters dressed in a green saree, all dolled and decked up for her emotion-filled performance.

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In fact, what was most interesting, was that they even tied up a man by the door, to imitate the character of Veeru, and it was such authenticity that impressed us and thousands of more netizens. For a long time, the Middle East and surrounding countries have been crazy about Bollywood and that was what the person who posted this video talked about. Kaveh who put the video up talks about how there was an entire generation in Iran that grew up with Bollywood.

With more than 3 thousand likes and 1 thousand plus comments, the video is viral on the internet and for good reason.

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