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This Interracial Couple Launched An Online Support Platform To Help Other Interracial Couples Get Married, After Their Own Wedding Video Went Viral

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The reason I started to write in the first place, was not just because I thought I had a way with the written word, but also because writing connects us with people across the globe, and reassures us that someone somewhere perhaps feels the same way as we do. And most of the times, this is all the support we really need to pursue our dreams or go after what we love, knowing that there people out there who might be going through what you are.

Michelle and Amit Patel’s wedding video went viral on the internet back in the year 2016 and with more than 2 million views, they were the talk of the internet. The two decided to not let that virality go in vain. Making use of the impact their interracial wedding had on everyone, the couple launched a  support platform for interracial couples on the internet.

Sweethearts since they were 13, the couple had released their wedding video a couple of years back with a hashtag – #IndiaMeetsGhana. Talking about how it wasn’t all that easy as it looked, Michelle shared, “Probably people see our picture and think, ‘that’s so cute’, but they don’t know the work that’s gone on behind it.”

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Amit’s parents were disappointed in their son after he told them about his bride being from Ghana. His mother even offered to help him end the relationship with Michelle, so getting the parents to agree was not all that simple. But they stayed together despite the odds, managed to get married and now seek help other interracial couples navigate this tricky terrain.

Understanding the need of this platform back when they uploaded their own video and received tons of questions from viewers, Amit recalled how, “It got to the point where it wasn’t practical because we were messaging people 24/7,” and that is when they thought to take it up professionally. Today, they have a youtube channel with more than 23 thousand subscribers and a website and a lively events programme.

The purpose of their efforts is simply to help interracial couples, “to help break the stigma and the barriers associated with interracial relationships and empower couples to be courageous”. And that is perhaps the most positive and selfless thing we’ve heard someone do for others, out of love.

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