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This Indian Woman Got Married To Her Girlfriend In A Colourful, Beautiful Ceremony. We’re Not Crying, You Are

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Over time, if there is one thing that I have realised, it is that Fridays bring out the best in me. For all sorts of reasons – it being the last day I have to stuff myself in to my work pants this week, and the best part – not having to wake up early the next morning. And what a Friday it has been. I woke up to great news about a beautiful ceremony involving a same sex couple getting married, without all that drama and people judging them and it was the icing on the cake.

Mekhala and Tatum, two beautiful women who had been friends for three long years before they realised they were in love with each other, recently got married in a moving and small ceremony in the USA, and the internet rejoiced. While studying Liberal arts in Virginia, the two soon became friends, enjoying each other’s company through the day. Soon after the cupid hit them, there was no looking back for the lovers. Tatum shared, “We began seeing each other. I was still in the US and Mekhala was in Canada. Our long-distance relationship went on for four years and we would manage to meet every few months. It was very hard to not know when we would see each other next, and when we would finally be able to live in the same place.”

Mekhala also said, “It was the point at which we had spent the same amount of time living in the same city as we had spent living apart from one another. It was a beautiful summer evening when she arranged for champagne and, in the privacy of our home, she popped the question. This was the day we decided that we were going to live together longer than we had lived apart!”

Convincing their families took time, for even now it isn’t common and easy for acceptance to come by. But their slow yet steady efforts bore fruit, their love triumphed and they had their parents’ blessings. The couple also said, ““Acceptance of our relationship by our family was an evolving process and took time, patience and compromise. While they’re warming up to the concept, the process is still ongoing. Because of this, it was mostly one side of our immediate families who ultimately celebrated with us.”

The couple made all sorts of arrangements to personalise their love affair and got their wedding officiated by the very same professor whose class they first met in. They said, “Our guests joined us for two distinct ceremonies. The first was the Hindu Maharashtrian wedding, for which we both wore Indian outfits. Mekhala dressed in a paithani saree that held deep significance to her. I opted for a beautiful yellow lehenga. This was followed by a Western ceremony, officiated by the writing professor in whose class we first met!”

Both their weddings were a treat to the eyes. Watching the two, getting to celebrate their love and come together in marriage, is one very significant step towards showing acceptance to the LGBTQ+ Community and we are here for it.

We wish Mekhala and Tatum a very happy married life.

Pictures Courtesy: Erica Camille Weddings


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