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This Indian-American Gay Couple Had A Big Fat Indian Wedding. One Groom’s Father Talked About How He Was A Homophobe And His Speech Is Beautiful

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What do you think your parents would say if you told them you were gay or bi? Would they love you nonetheless or would they try and instil the fear of God in you by giving you the whole “it’s unnatural” speech? I just don’t understand how it changes anything but when it comes to Indian parents, unfortunately, there is no telling. Maybe it’s a generation thing, you know. They have spent 50 years believing that it’s a (horrid) choice and there is some magic cure to it, you can’t expect them to be okay with it because, mostly, they don’t know how. But you can expect them to listen to you and see your point of view before trying to wrap their heads around it. I have always believed in the LGBTQ movement and I know that somewhere down the line, it’s going to easier.

But until then, let’s appreciate those very few Indians who have not only openly accepted their gay children but are willing to celebrate them. Look, it’s no secret that Indians hold the opinions of the society and the community very close to them and in society’s eyes, having a gay kid is like harbouring Satan in your house.

I saw a video today that tugged at my heart and practically brought me to tears. It was about an Indian gay wedding that happened in 2019 but it’s back in the news now because the dad’s speech just made it to the internet and this is the cutest thing you will see today.

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Same-Sex Indian American Couple Breaks The Mold With Jain Wedding

This Indian father’s speech on his gay son’s wedding day will move you to tears

NowThis Politics यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २१ मे, २०२०

Parag Mehta and Vaibhav Jain got married last year in the USA, they had a big fat Indian wedding with two baarats and all the shenanigans. But the highlight of that entire video was the toast that Parag’s father gave. He talked about how his son came out to him and how he came to terms with Parag being gay.

Parag’s father, Dr Vijay Mehta’s toast spoke about how his son came out to him. He said, Parag made a small speech talking about how he thought was confused but now he was sure. Dr Vijay then went on to talk about how at first, he was a homophobe and so he was sure he could fix Parag. So he went to the medical library and began looking for a cure that made sense. But instead, he stumbled onto the American Psychological Association in 1973 that declared being gay is not a disease and it is not to be cured. That’s how he accepted his son.

This is one of the sweetest, most heartfelt coming out stories I have ever heard. I am willing to bet my money that Parag’s fathers’ initial reaction would be how all our parents would react. But this wedding, though it didn’t happen in our country, gives me so much hope.

Parag grew up in Temple, Texas while Vaibhav grew up in New Delhi. They met for the first time at the Pride Parade in Washington DC in 2012. And a few days later, Vaibhav poked Parag on Facebook (that was still a thing back then) and that’s how their love story started.

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Both of them grew up in Jain houses (again, so much hope) and they tried to incorporate as many traditions of a Jain wedding as they could. In the video, Parag and Vaibhav talk about how they never had a template of how a traditional same-sex wedding is supposed to be, so they tried to create a template for all future Indian same-sex weddings.

Their wedding was presided over by a Jain community leader, but the rituals performed were tweaked to be gender-neutral.

I am really hoping that there comes a day when same-sex marriages are a common occurrence for that day, love would’ve truly won.

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