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This Hospital In Kolkata Celebrated With A Couple And Sang Songs For Them After The Groom Recovered From Coronavirus

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We have been living in times where everything is rationed. From groceries to interactions to even good news, everything seems to come to us only in bits and pieces and it’s not nearly enough. Living life in a pandemic, it hasn’t been easy for anyone most of all for those who have contracted this deadly virus. And it is during these times that even tiniest little gestures go a long way and put a smile on your face.

And that’s exactly what happened with this newly wed couple, who had the most challenging luck after the groom, Supriyo Banerjee conceived coronavirus two days after they tied the knot on June 2. The groom and bride  had met each other at another wedding, were together for two months when they decided they were in love and got married at a temple. The families that were opposing their decision, also came around to the idea for the sake of their children’s happiness and both the families decided to throw a reception two days later for rest of the friends and relatives.

Except fate had something else in store for them. The day after the wedding, the family was visited by the officials from Dasnagar Police Station, and they were informed that the groom’s test had come out positive and that he had now contracted coronavirus.

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A moment of celebration turned into a moment of shock and despair with the groom admitted to the hospital the next day and his treatment kick starting almost immediately. And even though some would say that the worse had happened, the fact that his very second report on June 13 came out to be negative, was great news.

The hospital staff, on the day of his discharge, congratulated the newly wed and now newly-recovered groom, sang songs and wished the two well as they both left the hospital in their wedding attire. The entire scene was loved not just by patients at the Howrah’s Sanjiban Hospital, but also much appreciated by all, for these are the simpler things in life that can bring anyone immense joy, and they did!

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