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This Hindu Bride Getting Married In A Muslim Locality During The Delhi Clashes Is A Story Of Hope We All Need To Hear!

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My mother always says that to get by difficult situations and circumstances, try to find the good in everything. Trying to look for the silver lining even in times of great peril, because it is what will you keep you going and I have to admit, it has been the kind of an advice, that though hard to apply, has tremendous benefits if put into play. As was done recently by a Hindu bride and her family, who got her married in a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood in Chand Baug midst the rioting and violent Delhi protests.

Sitting in her room, weeping at her misfortune that the city’s political situation should disintegrate to such a level that thiss Hindu bride’s wedding got cancelled, 23-year-old Savitri Prasad had lost all hope. As the Delhi riots spiralled out of control, especially in areas close to Northeast Delhi, with the death toll rising from 18 to 35 in just a matter of a few hours, to expect to carry out a wedding of a Hindu bride in a Muslim locality felt like taking a massive risk.

But they did take the risk. The wedding saw Hindus and Muslims come together to safe guard and protect the couple as they decided to get married anyway in their home. The rituals that were carried out at her place and was protected by her ‘Muslim brothers,’ she shared with the people who came to interview her. As the  city burned on the outside with hate and violence, we saw this couple and their families foster love and hope for a better tomorrow, for clearly religion was not that was the problem here and this wedding was a proof.

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Savitri’s father, Bhoday Prasad spoke on the matter and shared, “We went to the terrace and just saw smoke and more smoke. t is terrifying. We just want peace,We don’t know who the people behind the violence are, but they are not my neighbours. There is no enmity between Hindus and Muslims here.” And this wasn’t just heartening to witness, it was a ray of hope in the very bleak times of today.

Savitri shared how on the day when she was supposed to get henna applied on her hands for the wedding festivities, the riots had turned violent to the extent that petrol bombs were being hurled and people were getting beaten. Still not losing hope, she went ahead with it, thinking it might be better in the coming day but it only got worse. And at a time when the city and its people outside were collapsing to shambles, we saw this couple embark upon a new and a more reassuring beginning, where man doesn’t want to kill another man, but help him.

Bhoday Prasad, elated at the gesture and kindness of his Muslim brethren also said, “Today, none of our relatives could attend my daughter’s wedding. But our Muslim neighbours are here. They are our family.” And perhaps it was the kind of a feel good news that all of us could use in such disturbing and dark times, to remind us that maybe all humanity is not lost and not all of us are consumed by hate.

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