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This Hack Will Help You Make The Most Delicious LIIT Ever!

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There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who sip their drinks and those that take shots. You know you want to turn to the ones who sip when you want to cobble up some information on the kind of cocktails you would enjoy. You know, if you like your rum dark and your cocktail deep and woody, these would be the people to ask.

You see, cocktail-making is an art and whipping up the perfect cocktail requires knowing how much alcohol (yes, there is something as too much!), how much of the mixer and everything else that goes in. It certainly matters how it all tastes together. And if connoisseurs are to be believed, the order in which everything goes in also matters.



If you’re entertaining and want to whip up a potent cocktail, a Long Island Ice Tea is an excellent choice. And here we tell you how to make the perfect one. Of course, some people will argue that cola is the most important part of the LIIT. But if you want a tastier and healthier version, an iced fruit infusion might just be the answer.  For this, the Ice Brews from Te-A-Me come highly recommended.

You simply dunk the bag into cold water and in less than 5 minutes, your iced tea is ready. The iced teas work like magic for cocktails, given that you don’t have to wait several hours for it to get ready. It takes about 3 minutes to make this and really, this is as easy as it gets. Plus, you can play around with it. Te-A-Me has a bunch of flavours – Lychee, Mint Green, Wild Berry, Peach and Lemon – each of which is great to whip up a cocktail.  It’s the first of its kind in India, so we are thrilled.

For the LIIT, here’s the recipe.

Things you will need:

Lots of ice

15 ml each of vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec (yes, this is going to be potent)

3-4 slices of lemon

2 brew bags of the Lemon Te-A-Me Ice Brews


Top up the entire glass with plenty of ice.

Pour the vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec.

Add the iced tea made with the Te-A-Me Ice Brews.

Chill and serve.

*sips on one and daydreams*


Now for all you teetotallers out there, if you’re looking for a refreshing, chilled drink without worrying about packing on the calories, these Iced Brews are a great choice. You can even keep them at work. All you have to do is dunk them into chilled water, savour the aroma and sip throughout the day. It’s a refreshing experience for sure! Plus, if you haven’t been having enough water because it’s just so meh, this could spunk up the proceedings!


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