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This Guy Just Gave His Girl The Perfect Quarantine Movie Date Experience. Where Do We Find Ourselves A Guy Like This?

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At the beginning of this lockdown,, there were times when I would constantly think about just how amazing would it be if I had been quarantined with my SO and not my parents who are a little lost on the concept of personal space. How romantic would it be to try and thrive a relationship during a lockdown, making the most of what we would have and use this time as the perfect opportunity to get to further know each other.

Except, he is away in South Africa, quarantining with his business partners while I am here dodging my parents before dinner. But, the more I think about staying under a lockdown with him, the more I realise how it may be for the best that he isn’t around. And I say this after coming across the perfect date night planned by a guy for his girlfriend at his home, and just imagining the kind of disappointment I would face when my partner would not even do half of the things that guy did for her girl.

In a video that has now gone viral and for all the right reasons too, this guy can be seen asking his girl out for a movie date. Bewildered at how that was possible considering the theaters are all closed, the guy hands her out a handmade ‘ticket’ and right there is where the cuteness overload begins. Uploading the video under the name ‘Micheal and Marisa’, the guy made sure this one  was more than just a screen under a fort blanket with fairy lights.

@michaelandmarisaSuprised Marisa with an at home date night 🎥 🍿 💖 ##foru ##foryoupage ##fyp ##datenight ##bedroomcheck ##couple ##howto ##diy♬ original sound – michaelandmarisa


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Signing her up for the entire cinematic experience,  we can see Michael take her to the door, at which there is someone to check her ticket and welcome her inside. From arranging a temporary snack bar to even making small talk while finding out which auditorium their movie is screening is, all with signs to the bathroom taken care off. Michael brings Marisa to this DIY theater in his room, decked up with blankets, lights, snacks they picked up from the snack bar downstairs and a screen in front of them playing the movie they were scheduled to see. And honestly, it is the best thing you will see all week.

With over 6.7 million views on it already, with 1.3 million likes and more than 8k comments and counting, the video has gone viral, especially as couples are sharing it with their partners, setting up the bar pretty damn high for how they’d like to be pampered when all this is over. After all, why settle for less, ladies?

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