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This Girl Rebelled Against Her Family To Marry Her Boyfriend Only To Breakup 12 Hours Later. Is This How Love Aaj Kal Is?

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My grandmother met my grandfather in Burma at one of the Indian community get-togethers. They began hanging out and soon, they knew they wanted to marry each other. There was no confusion there. None of them thought of checking out other matches or said they weren’t ready for commitment, or that perhaps they should explore the FWB situation, if it wasn’t called that then. But that kind of conviction I don’t understand because we millennials are not like that. We are thoroughly confused people; we have no clue what we want from our careers or love life. We talk about self-discovery, but none of us really know who we really are.

I have been a victim of someone’s indecisiveness when it comes to love. Someone has suffered from my fickleness…it’s a vicious circle. But this couple in UP totally takes the cake for having broken up just 12 hours after getting married. We don’t know who they were looking at for inspiration but even celebrities with questionable commitments have lasted longer. Britney Spears was married to Jason Alexander for 55 hours which is still longer than this couple. Pamela Anderson was recently married, for 12 days. Which is also, much more than this couple.

Their story has been the baap of complicated since the start. They were classmates and dated for two years, but the girl’s parents were unimpressed by their affair. They forced the girl to file an FIR against the guy for sexual exploitation and she did, giving in to the pressure. However, she later changed her mind but her family threw her out of the house post this episode.

This is when she was taken in by the guy and his family. They got married in a temple but just 12 hours into marriage, she decided to take a u-turn. None of us will find out why she decided to un-marry this guy, that she rebelled against her family for. We don’t know if it was cold feet or she had an epiphany. But I know how confusion feels like and nobody does it on purpose. It’s not easy to go back on a decision like that…when so much is at stake. We worry about what our society will think and the taunts we will have to hear. I don’t know what her reasons were but maybe they were valid. Maybe it saved her a lifetime of despair. Who knows?

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The guy on the other hand is relieved that “the matter” has ended. “I am fed up of her fickle-mindedness. I loved her, but she did not know what she wanted. I am relieved that the matter has ended,” he told IANS.

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