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This French Baker Uses Female Urine From Public Toilets To Make Her Bread. We’re Not Sure We Want To Try This

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There was a time, before this sudden, monotonous yet very crucial lockdown was imposed, that I would be out and about, reviewing food and restaurants along with writing for Hauterfly. And while I love bunging out a great story, what I learned was that I also enjoy trying out different dishes and cuisines from all across the city. And while I may have found certain gems in terms of food, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to just how disastrous some dishes were. From having to eat out of a bone marrow to trying to gulp down a squid, I have had my share of nauseous un-food-like food.

But even then, nothing came close to the one item and ingredient I came across today in the news, that talked about a French baker, who apparently used a special something to bake her breads. Turns out, the baker from France has been making use of female urine to use as her secret ingredient in making a bread that has been named as the “Goldilocks bread”. Guess, she couldn’t really keep it in!

Calling herself an ‘eco-feminist’, is Louise Raguet, has revealed that she collects female urine from public toilets to use with her wheat to make bread. Talking about how urine is actually a great fertilizer, she says that her aim was to “break taboos over excrement.” And whether or not this is our cup of pee, seems like there is a whole lot of scientific research behind it.

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She shares how her process to get this done isn’t all that complicated. Starting with procuring female urine from public toilets, she then uses it to spray on her wheat. She says, “It’s a neglected liquid, usually dismissed as a waste. Should be treated like a gold mine.” She also shared how the urine as a liquid contains nitrogen, potassium, and many other nutrients that plants extract from the soil. Making it an excellent fertilizer.

A study by French Urban Planning Agency stands behind the process as it revealed how nearly 29 million loaves of urine-utilising bread can be baked every day, all the while saving 703 tons of nitrogen found in artificial fertilisers. Not sure if this information should reassure us of the hygiene or permanently put us off the bread, but it is a good idea to not pee afraid anymore. Especially now since we know, it might be being put to good use!

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