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This Female Footballer Boycotted The FIFA World Cup To Fight Against Inequality And We Stand In Support!

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There are quite a few times, when I as a writer, or we as a publication get slammed for furthering feminism when most people feel there is no need for it anymore. They believe that just because now women have a chance to educate themselves and work for a living, everything is good in the world again. But, is it really? Most of the times, the answer is no. It it for this reason that we continue to write about the things that plague us.

Inequality between the two sexes is not just raging, it is all-pervasive. From workplaces to football fields, there is no walk of life that this phenomenon hasn’t trickled down to and female Ballon d’Or (one of the most prestigious awards in football) winner, Ada Hergerberg is leading a revolution on the football field in her own way.

The Norwegian forward, who is regarded by many as one of the greatest female football players has taken a big and a conscious step to not be a part of this year’s FIFA World cup, as a way to protest against the inequality between men and women in the sport. Her boycott of one of the most prestigious tournaments has stemmed out in concern for the disparity that exists when it comes to both the sexes playing the game.

From income inequality to the way women are treated in the sport, or even how the women’s football tournaments are treated in general, the problem is much bigger than a person but we are glad she’s taking a stand.

In fact, when she won the Ballon D’or and went to collect the award, she was asked to twerk on stage, a request made to not one male winner till date. This, of course, was met with outrage but it’s telling about how we view the sexes differently.

It isn’t the first time a player as powerful and driven as Ada has taken a stand to further cause of disparity among the two sexes. The German football team, not too long ago, released a video that talked about how shameful it is to know that most people don’t know the names of the women who represent their country in sports and that they may not have balls, but it doesn’t stop them from knowing how to use them.

The video did not just go viral, but got circulated with the right kind of message. The issue is not just limited to the sport of football, but is omnipresent wherever one looks. However, with conscious efforts like that of Ada’s, we hope to foster change in the near future, starting from viewing and remunerating men and women the same.


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