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This Elderly Woman Was Surprised To See A Woman Piloting A Commercial Plane. We Should Get Used To Seeing Women Everywhere Now

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Sometimes I feel like we are very lucky to be born at a time when women are defying gender norms and stereotypes and living their lives on their terms. We are excelling in every profession and there really is nothing that men can do that we can’t. Here’s the thing though, that wasn’t always the case. Women have always been reduced to running the kitchen and childcare and a lot of people in our country are still of the mindset that these gender-norms are the way to go. Like this elderly woman, for instance, who noticed a woman pilot flying the plane and couldn’t contain her shock. Although this incident is just proof that women have come a long way. 

You see, earlier this week, aborad a Gaya-Delhi flight an elderly woman was stunned to see a woman in the cockpit piloting the plane. Taking Twitter the pilot, Hana Khan, narrated the incident and it raised quite a few eyebrows and had us giggling. 

Hana Khan is a commercial pilot who was flying from Gaya to Delhi on 15 November. It seemed like a perfectly normal flight until this elderly woman, who wanted to check out the cockpit, noticed that it was a woman who was in fact piloting the plane. The woman was so shocked that she couldn’t resist saying, “Oi yahan to chorri baithi (A girl is sitting here)!”  

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Of course, when Hana posted this on Twitter it created a buzz. She shared a series of tweets sharing the story. She wrote, “Did a Delhi-Gaya-Delhi flight today. An elderly lady wanted to look into the cockpit & when she saw me, she exclaimed in a Haryanvi accent, “Oi yahan to chorri baithi!” Could not stop laughing.” In the next tweet, she wrote, “Also. This was when we landed back in Delhi in case you all wonder.”  

This incident went viral after getting 15,000 ‘likes’ and around 1,000 re-tweets. Of course, netizens poured in with messages of love and support. However, this whole thing got me thinking. This elderly woman’s reaction to a woman being in the cockpit just proves how far we have come from being confined to the kitchen. She probably didn’t have the choice to pick a profession and build a career which explains why she was so shocked to see a woman pilot. Although, I have to add that in a place like the cockpit of a plane, a person’s gender is the last thing that matters. 

Hearing about this incident made me feel really good about being a woman in today’s day.

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