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This Differently-Abled Woman Just Won A Crore On The Tamil Version Of KBC. She’s So Inspiring

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Just like all Indian houses, the time of the year when KBC is on air is our favourite. We all gather around the TV with our dinners and pretend it’s us on the hotseat and cheer when we get the answer right before the contestant (yes, this is an actual scene from my house. Drama runs in my blood). Over these 11 seasons, we have seen so many contestants come, win (or flunk out) and leave. People have won one crore and seven crores too, of course, I was super excited to see the kind of intelligent people we have .

But the contestant I am talking about today not only surprised me but really inspired me too. Kousalya Kharthika, just became the first ever differently-abled contestant to win the jackpot of a crore in the Tamil version of KBC, Kodeeswari, (which BTW is an all women game show, how awesome is that?)The 31-year-old woman suffers from speech and hearing impairment and can only communicate through vibrations and lip reading. Her story really moved me.

Kousalya is a mother to a one-year-old son and has had to suffer and overcome multiple complications in her life. She is a university topper and has gone on to secure a B.Sc in Technology, M.Sc in Information Technology and an MBA degree. If it were anybody else, it would not be such a huge deal, but she has really proven to us that determination and perseverance actually pays off. A message a lot of us seem to forget sometimes.

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Kodeeswari is hosted by veteran actress Radikaa Sarathkumar. Through the episode, she was as impressed with Kouslya as I am. Radikaa asked her what she would do with all the money she wins, to which Kouslya replied saying “I want to help the Deaf and Dumb School in Nagarkoil where I studied. I want to visit either Italy or Switzerland which has always been my dream.”

After she won the jackpot, Kouslya said “I have always depended on my family members for my day-to-day life. But right from my childhood, I have been determined to learn and excel in whatever I do. I am more than honoured to be a part of this iconic game show and equally proud to tell the world that ‘I am now a Kodeeswari.’”

This is such a heartwarming and humbling story about overcoming obstacles despite all odds, it almost sounds like a movie plot (I would watch that movie). She really is an inspiration to not only others suffering from impairments but to us all.

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