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This Daughter And Mother-In-Law Jugalbandi Video Is All You Need To See For Some Positivity Today

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I am 24 years old right now and it so happens that every time my parents broach the topic of marriage with me, it is quickly followed by a nervous, ‘Oh, she has a few years to go right now’ from their side. It is true that for most parents, their kids never really grow up and to send away their daughter after marriage is a reality they wouldn’t want to discuss, but if there is one advice that my mother ends up giving me, is to always wish for a great compatibility with my mother-in 0aw, even more than with my husband. And with the recent video that has gone viral, of a saas bahu duo, it looks like getting along fabulously with a mother-in-law despite what Hindi shows will have you believe, is not all that impossible after all!

These two women have taken the internet by storm. Performing a beautiful rendition of the Rabindra sangeet, the daughter-in-alaw plays her harmonium, while her MIL is seen accompanying her on the tabla, the two set new goals for everyone to see and learn from!

Singing the song, ‘Sraboner dharar moto‘, the MIL plays the dadra taal on the tabla with ease, the video of this duo has been making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons, and become a pleasant sight for the eyes, and the ears.

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Shared on Facebook with the caption, “Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law jugalbandi! May this kind of relationship prevail in every household,” the video that was shared on 15th of May has over 5 lakh views now, with more than 7K likes and counting. It was perhaps this virality and their heartening chemistry that draws the audience in.

Meanwhile,  the netizens are loving the positive and healthy relationship between the two women. Comments like, ‘Such a beautiful and encouraging relation. This made me happy’, or ‘May this bond grow stronger with music,’ have also been left on the video and we are glad to have come across such a happy news even in dull and bleak times like this. Guess this is the kind of passion and love we all can learn from and need in our lives right now to deal with the current pandemic.

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