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This Dancer Changed Her Costume Mid-Performance And It’s Taken Everyone By Surprise

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In my house, reality shows are a huge deal. My parents enjoy watching everything from Bigg Boss to Indian Idol. Once, I even convinced them to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They didn’t enjoy it but at least they can differentiate between the Kardashians and the Jenners now. Although, most of all I think we all enjoy reality dance shows. They’re a crowd favourite in my house. Don’t those amazing performances just leave you stunned? However, I have never seen a performance as mindblowing as this woman’s who changes her costume on stage in a blink of an eye. It’s giving me very Katniss Everdeen ‘the girl on fire’ vibes and I am loving it.

Shared by filmmaker Shirish Kunder, this Instagram video shows a woman dancer who changes from one gorgeous costume to another in the middle of the performance. It’s so smoothly done, I was compelled to watch the video over and over again wondering how on earth she pulled it off.


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In the video, the woman walks up to her partner right before their performance is supposed to start. She is wearing a shimmery blue coloured dress and her partner looks visibly confused. Right then the text on the screen reads, “she’s got the wrong dress on”. Nevertheless, they begin dancing and a few seconds later, while she is twirling, the woman changes her entire costume. From the blue shimmery dress, her costume changes into this stunning golden-black dress. I had to pause the video to pick up my jaw off the floor. How did she do that and so smoothly?

This clip was shared on 30 March and since then it has gone viral. Everything about her dance and her surprise costume change is outstanding. No matter how many times I watched the video though, I can’t figure out how she managed to do that. Maybe a magician waved a wand just at the right time.

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