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This Couple Had The Most Unique Wedding After The Bride Tested Positive Just Three Days Before. Love Does Conquer All!

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No matter how many effort one puts into making their wedding day perfect, there is always something that does not go according to plan. And if history is proof, that one unanticipated move is what ends up making that day memorable. And for this couple that one bump in the road was as big as the bride getting tested positive for coronavirus, but who knew this couple will put a festive spin to this situation and make the most of it with a memorable wedding!

Patrick Delgado and Lauren Jimenez, a couple hailing from California had everything about their wedding plans set when they found out three days prior to the wedding, that Lauren had contracted the novel coronavirus. A situation where someone like us would feel totally thrown off and start panicking, this couple decided to move in a slight different and an innovative direction.

Ensuring that they tie the knot on the very day they had earlier decided to marry each other on, the couple found a way through which the bride could be isolated, but also participate in the wedding. Exchanging vows through a connected decorative ribbon, that made them feel as though they were holding hands, this couple made the cutest long distance gestures to make the wedding a success.


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The bride was dressed in white, looking pristine and more than that happy- to be pulling off her wedding even in such circumstances. She peeked in through the window on the first floor, while the groom stood downstairs under the window, holding the ribbon in the front yard.

Lauren spoke about the unique ceremony with Good Morning America and said, “Although it’s definitely not how we envisioned our wedding day, Patrick and I were able to exchange our vows with each other.” And honestly, their improvisation had all of us tearing up for a love like theirs. Standing with each other, against all odds.

Although Patrick shared how upon receiving the news of Lauren being positive, took a huge toll on her, the two decided to roll with the dice and with a lot of precautions, pulled this discreet yet happy ceremony off, with no more than 10 guests.

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